How to turn a ThinkGeek Screaming Monkey Slingshot into a Bluetooth Headset

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Have you ever been bored of those standard plastic Bluetooth headsets? After a while, they get rather dull and boring. This instructable will show you how to turn a ThinkGeek Ninja monkey into a headset that is not only stylish, but contains its own charger, and has better indicator LEDs than the original.

Step 1: Parts:

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You will need:
1 Bluetooth headset and charger (can be had for about $10 at your local electronics store. I used an old Jabra headset, but anything will do)
2 LEDs. I recommend blue, but any color will work (For the indicator lights)
2 resistors (see note)
1 Screaming Monkey Slingshot (http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/warfare/8f00/)

Soldering Iron
Diagonal Cutters or Wire Strippers
Razor blade
Hot glue and a Hot Glue Gun
Electrical Tape

The resistors here will vary. My headset's power brick outputted 5v, and LEDs can take 2-3v. As such, I used 2 1kohm resistors to make my voltage divider. To find which resistors you need, use ones in the ballpark of 1kohm, but adjust them so r1/r2 * (Total voltage) is somewhere between 3 and 4 volts.
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samirsky5 years ago
Built mine today.  See the pic.

I did a few things different.  My Bluetooth headset went through the clothes washer and dryer, and wasn't working anymore.  However, I suspected the problem was only the battery.  So I used a 3.7V Li-Ion battery from an old cellphone.  Should give it longer battery life.  It worked great. 

I also put the blue LED on the bluetooth PCB near the nose.  The power brick didn't fit inside the monkey with the cell phone battery, so I added a standard barrel plug near the 'rear'.  I also added an external push-button switch (from an old laptop) which I extended to the arm.  So I squeeze the arm to turn it on and off.

When using bluetooth, you can see the blue LED behind the nose.  When charging, the red LED's in the eyes are on as well.

Thanks for the instructable!