Picture of Turn a Can Tab into a Survival Fish Hook
This is very easy and simple.  All the tools needed for this fish hook can be found on most multi tools.  It takes only a few minutes to create.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
-can tab
-wire cutters (or anything that can cut through metal)
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upitaa4 years ago
excellent idea. but i wonder what sort of fish i can get with this hook:)
theo67 upitaa4 years ago
Probably canned fish

The other way round.

Buy a can of fish and you get a hook on top of it for free!

What a great offer!

Or buy some cans of beer...and you´ll get such ideas for construction!


tp.pa.12 theo673 months ago

well that's "soda" a fish

ha ha ha :D
McNoodle (author)  theo674 years ago
haha nice...
slk135 months ago
i just saw this on ifunny
billbillt1 year ago

great idea..

smokehill1 year ago

A very good trick in an emergency, though if you're prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse you should stock lots of REAL fish hooks (not to mention extra lures, tackle, line, poles & some cheap Zebco reels. My two ponds will be our main source of food after the grocery stores are looted & burning, so I have LOTS of extra fishing tackle -- and enough ammunition to protect my food supply. Fish hooks are CHEAP. A couple of bucks will buy you enough to last for a dozen years, probably.

But still a great idea if you're suddenly stuck away from home & your usual supplies. Pop-top cans are everywhere, so if you have a couple of tools, or a Leatherman pocket tool, you're in business.

Might increase the strength of these (for bigger fish) by doubling up, tying two of these hooks together on the line, holding one piece of bait.

tzsch4 years ago
Not to be anti-DIY but fish hooks are dirt cheap and this looks like it would be pretty rough on the fish. I'll keep it in mind for the Zombie apocalypse though.
Microbe tzsch4 years ago
Yes, I agree. In fact, in Australia my understanding is  that non-rusting fish hooks are not allowed (I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong) - the idea is that if a line breaks eventually it will rust away, but I shouldn't want to wait that long if I had a hook in my cheek.

But would that hook be strong enough to hold anything?

Not sure if that is true in Australia, but it doesn't make much sense, as far as the fish's comfort. The lifespan of most fish is shorter than the time it would take for a hook to rust away.that much.

I've pulled old lures from my pond -- ones I've lost 8 or 10 yrs before -- and the hooks were still usable, even though rusty-looking. Some were still stuck in the wooden snag.

dummy1977 tzsch4 years ago
That's a good point, in case anyone's thinking about using these for fun -- they shouldn't.

But for a survival situation (which is the point of this .able), it's a good technique.
Who cares if it rips the fish up. When you need to fish with one it will problay be survival situations so I don't think you would be to worryed about the fish as long as it got to shore and you got a feed.
saskew tzsch4 years ago
have you found yet a hook that is not rough on the fish?
tzsch saskew4 years ago
Good point.
Still, I'm kind of a sap, I file the barbs off of my fish hooks. You know, you can poke a pin through your own cheek and it doesn't really hurt. The barb can cause some damage if the fish pulls loose and this hook looks a little likely to come loose. Still, I would definitely keep it in mind for real survival situations.
jlee1631 year ago

cleaver idea but it doesn't work for catching fish i did make a tool holder though with these mounted to a piece of wood (warning these are not very strong and only work for light stuff like a screw driver of pliers

has anyone results to report on how well this works?

cdog5572 years ago
There not strong.
SGT. Desert3 years ago
great idea but see its too small and too short for the fish to catch on to it
breumer3 years ago
great idea!
it would be much better to make one out of sardine can tab
simongalp3 years ago
I used EMT shears and didn't need a file. In case anyone has those on hand and no wire cutters or file.
Hippymike963 years ago
How big of a fish (pounds) could you catch with this?
Tkdwn3 years ago
It`s a nice idea, but i would atleast cut it more in a hook style.
I think that copper wire hooks would be nice to.Something in this style:
this is an awesome idea
vanaka4 years ago
umm.... wouldn't the pop tab just float on water.......I don't know
If you had typical fishing gear, you could put a lead sinker on the line, which would take the hook under the water...If the entire getup is survivalist, though, I imagine you could perhaps tie a rock to the sting near the hook, or something else heavy, like if you had/found a metal bolt or screw lying around. Also, the weight of the bait should help it sink.
k thx!
splazem4 years ago
Awesome, very creative!
camraguy4 years ago
The historical precedent for this type of "hook" is called a gorget. It was commonly used over 12,000 years ago on the California Coast.
saintdoggx4 years ago
nibbler1254 years ago
ill bet if the fish swallowed the hook you would snag something
nikitzz4 years ago
This is too hard for me to make:(
McNoodle (author)  nikitzz4 years ago
sunshiine4 years ago
This is a great idea.
McNoodle (author)  sunshiine4 years ago
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