Hey everyone! Today I will show you how to make a marker safe.

Step 1: Stuff You Need.

You will need.
1. A marker

2. A file or sandpaper

3. A screwdriver

4. A pair of pliers

Step 2: Disassembleing.

Now take off the lid and use the pliers to take out the tip and the back end cap. And than remove the tube and throw it away. You could throw away the tip butt i saved mine and put it back in.

Step 3: Optional.

take your file or sand paper a file down the threads on the end cap.

Step 4: Reassembleing.

Put it back together and your done. Please comment and vote thanks.

Admittedly this is a fairly good idea (nobody's ever stolen a marker) but try to proof read your work before submission. Watch out for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
<p>okay thanks.</p>
<p>Great idea. Thanks for sharing!</p>

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