Picture of How to turn a wedding ring on a lathe - Part I
I made wedding bands for my brother and sister (in law) on the lathe at TechShop Detroit! I made them out of brass because it's cheap and easy to turn; then I had them molded and recast in more expensive metals. You should ABSOLUTELY try this! What a cool way to have a custom ring that can actually be cheaper than a comparable commercial ring!

The first part of this project uses basic lathe techniques - tried-and-true techniques you pick up when you take the Metal Lathe SBU class at the shop. Put to awesome effect!

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

Picture of Tools and Materials

- Cutting tools with interchangeable carbide cutting points
- Center drills for the lathe
- Drill bits (larger than 1/2" - I chose one the size of my desired inner diameter, or ring size, for the ring.)


- 1 1/8" diam free-machining brass *careful, "free machining" means it has lead in it. DON'T WEAR THIS MATERIAL!*
Caleb48kb6 months ago

This has been extremely helpful!

Is there a part II?

Sermos2 years ago
That's awesome!