How to Turn an X-Box 360 PSU Into a 12v Lab PSU





Introduction: How to Turn an X-Box 360 PSU Into a 12v Lab PSU

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In this instructable I will show you how to turn an X-Box 360 PSU into a high ampere 12v power supply. This is simple and it only requires a few parts. In the 2nd hand store, I found and X-Box 360 PSU for $10 and I looked at the back and thought this great for a 12v Supply because it could output a lot of amps, 12.2 to be exact.

So I tracked down the wire Identification and I made one into a 12v Power supply.

P.S(U) I was using an Iphone Because my camera was dead and I'm 13 so please no bad comments!

Lets Cut the X-Box connector!

Step 1: You'll Need...

You will need a few basic things for this project...
1. An X-Box 360 PSU (power brick)
2. Heatshrink
3. A small length of Red and Black with able to withstand 12 to 16 amps.
4. Two 15A alligator clamps
5. Solder

The tools you will need...
1. Soldering iron or station
2. Wire cutters
3. Wire strippers
4. Something to shrink heatshrink (My mini blowtorch)
5. Crimp tool

Step 2: First Step

Strip the main insulation taking care not to cut the cores' insulation. After that, You will come across 8 wires. 3 black, 3 yellow, a blue and a red.
Strip the red and blue wires and twist them together. After that, Solder them together. Then move on to the next step.

Step 3: Second Step...

Strip all the yellow wires and twist them together. Tin the conductor after that with solder.
Now take on end of the thick red bit of the cable and put some heatshrink over it
After that, solder them together like in the picture and melt the heatshrink over the newly soldered joint
Next step...

Step 4: The Highly Anticipated Third Step

Now repeat the procedure with the ground and black wire. Heatshrink it.

Step 5: Almost Done... Well Sortof

Put the big bit of heatshrink over and shrink it. Make sure the red and blue wire are in there. I used a short piece because it was the only bit I had. You're almost done.

Step 6: The Aligator Clamps

Now it's time to put on the aligator clamps. Strip the other ends of the thick wire and tin both negative and positive. Then put the clamps on making sure the clamps are the right colour for the polarity. It will save a lot of confusion

Step 7: All Done!

All finished. Plug it in and try it out.

Now you have got your own high power 12v supply!
Have fun and enjoy!

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Thank you for this instructable. I personally used it to power up a peltier-module based mini-fridge unit.

Thanks man, very useful. I just wired up a 175watt version as a power supply for a 2-meter 100w mobile radio.


Question 4 months ago

Which wire is Plus and Which is Minus ? Thaks for your great contrebution

could I wire 2 of these in series?


2 years ago

note: if you are making a 3d printer this is much easier to understand than some other instructions online

Nice tutorial. The only thing I'm going to change on mine, is to hook the red and blue wires to a button or a switch so I can turn it off and on without having to unplug it.

1 reply

Is the blue wire just like the remote wire on a deck?

I have the 8 wire version, just bought it in a junk sale. Okay so I can put a switch between red and black to turn it on and off. If I want a 5v rail I tap the red wire and use the black as the ground for it?

Great job! Question: I tried this but after a few seconds of the red and blue being connected the light turns red :-( Any tips for solving this?

i have come with 11 wires XD


2 years ago


On mine the plug popped open very easily meaning no cutting the end off. This meant no need to strip the outer cable and easy access to all the wires :)


3 years ago

I am looking for a diagram for Xbox power supply I am looking to up the 12volt up to 13.8 Amy ideas I have 25 power supply's to modify for use with ham radio I build a load tester when you put 10 to 11 amp load on xbox ps voltage drops to 11.6 need to adjust regulator up to 13.8 thanks

2 replies

If you open up the case (4 screws under the pads to open the case, then 1 internal screw on a heatspreader to separate the psu from the heat spreader) there is a trimpot that is most likely a voltage adjust.

thanks i bought 25 of these power supplies wanting to use them for radio and there are so many different boards every one i take apart is different than the last i have not seane a trimmer but i have not removed any heat sinks ill try that and have a look thanks

Thanks, I am building a low power HTPC/DVR and I have a spare X-Box 360 power supply sitting around. I am getting one of those 12V 160W pico ATX power supplies and am using an AM1 motherboard (VGA, DVI, and HDMI outputs) and Athlon 5150 APU (25w) with 4gb DDR3 (one module) so the power draw should not be so bad, I will recheck the power for the 1 TB drive. I will put a plate with a fan on the back where the uATX power supply currently is. I am trying to make this work with MythBuntu OS and a Silicon Dust dual network tuner. I will add a small toggle switch on the back of the case to power down the brick for those times I may need to leave the HTPC off for a period of time. Does anybody else have any recommendations or would MythBuntu be the best way to go?

One disadvantage of this power supply is that it does not switch into current mode when temporarily overdriven and short recovery requires pulling the cord. I have 203W 12V 16.5A XBOX 360 power supply and several 1.5ohm heating loops, should be able to power two loops, but only one works. When powering two, the supply LED goes red and no voltage until power supply mains cord is disconnected.

1 reply