How to Turn Lights on or Off From Bed





Introduction: How to Turn Lights on or Off From Bed

I got tired of having to get up from bed and turn the ligt off. So i decided to do something about it

Step 1: What You Need

what you need

3.eraser (optional)
4.small bolt (optional)

Step 2: Making the Pulleys

stand on some thing high, put it close to the light switch ,put thumbtacks in the wall and the ceiling like shown in the picture.and do the same near your bed

Step 3: Put in the Strings

since I had a different type of switch I had to hotglue an eraser with an hole drilled in the middle as the same size as the small bolt and the I could make this but if you have the other toggle type of switch this Instructable will be a lot easier for you put a string from the light switch through the bullies.
the second string will use the same pullies but it will be taken from the bottom to the top through redirection so you can turn the light off

Step 4: The Toggle Switch

this instructable will be easyier if you have this switch.

Step 5: Finish

this is my first instructable.sorry about the blurry images they were taken with a cellphone if you have ideas how to improve this please tell me in the comments



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    This reminded me that I want a "Clapper". Lights On! Lights Off! The Clapper.

    A long time ago I got an ultrasound remote for my apartment. It used this squeeze dog whistle to do the function. But I discovered that jingling keys would set it off or if I do a loud hissing noise. Really nice. I would walk in, jingle the keys or hiss, and everything starts. As I leave and do the same, everything shuts off. I bet a Clapper will work the same way as a "jingler" or "hisser".

    ever tried geting one of those light remotes?  They are quite useful, especially if you are lazy like myself.  Darn thing is, you have to remember where you put the darn thing whereas with this it is stationary.  Pros and cons to everything.....I should use this for my dorm when I go to college in a year or so.

    I did this a few years ago. But I used the screws with eyes.(<////=O) Kinda like that.. but I had to superglue the string ends to the switch because I didnt have any hot glue. Instead of labels, you should use something weighted, I used 2 different magnets. Very useful tho( especially if youre lazy!!)

    i dun did this but it wuz wit me door opener and closer and i r b sittin upon me gamer chair (cats always open me door ) if you used eye bolts instead of thumb tacks it would work a lot better cuz they r be stronger (just a tip) :{) <-mustache

    I would really like to do this...but im not exactly sure wat to do...ill play around with it

    What would help your instructable greatly would be some wide shots to see "the whole setup" :) I followed it just fine but some people might not get it otherwise

    yeah I might get a video when i get a video cam plus the cellphone cam is not good quality

    well... I think is better place another switch near the bed...

    i have no idea how to make this. please consider revising this to make it easier to follow.