How to Turn Resistors Into Earrings





Introduction: How to Turn Resistors Into Earrings

It is a well-documented fact that everyone loves resistors. Even cats

But when they have been foraging for them what can you do
with them?

Turn them into Jewellery.

Step 1: Ingredients

1. Some resistors.

2. (Optionally) Shrink wrap and something to shrink it with.

3. Earring wires – you can get these from any good craft shop.

4. Sandpaper

5. Round or Needle nosed pliers

Step 2: Join the Bits Together

Thread a small section of shrink wrap onto the resistor then form a loop with your pliers

Slide the shrink wrap up to cover the joint and shrink it (you can use a match for this) Shrink wrap is available in a variety of colours, but I only had black. You can skip this if you don’t have any.

Step 3: Finish Off

The other end you can form into a spiral by wrapping it round something or just cut the end off in which case you probably need to smooth it off on some fine sandpaper. I have put a loop in the ear end as well.

Step 4: Refinements

As a further refinement get old bit of cable, take the insulation off and use it to cover it up the wire. Of course you dont have to stick with earrings - you can turn them into bracelets or necklaces by linking many together.



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    So cool and nerdy looking!

    It would make one ear-resistor-able

    Safety concern: even unused components may be lead tinned or chemically treated to help with the soldering process. I like the project but don't trust the components to be safe enough to be in skin contact like jewelery is. Maybe a clear coating like a varnish or spray clear or even a clear drying glue coating would make it safer.

    This looks so great! I love resistors! You might get a few more views if you make the finished earings your cover image! They look awesome!