How to turn your NOOK color into an android tablet

Picture of How to turn your NOOK color into an android tablet
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Hello, this instructable will show you how to turn your NOOK color into an android tablet.

Here is what you will need
  1. 16 GB micro SD card
  2. micro SD card adapter
  3. a computer
  4. Win32 disk imager
  5. a NOOK color(obviously)
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Step 1: Downloading necessary files

First, you will have to download 2 things, the first thing is an application called win32 disk imager. I will provide a link here-

The second thing you need to download is the bootable disk image of android honeycomb
I did a google search on the image and found this website-

Step 2: Putting the file on your SD card

Picture of Putting the file on your SD card
Now, open win32 disk imager. you will then see a window pop up on your screen. Click on the file folder and select the disk image. then, click write. When that completes, power down your nook color and put the SD card in your NOOK. Then, power it up, and you should see the android operating system.
tyokoza27 days ago

hello, how long the andoid boot letters at the left bottom corner of the screen will remain until the device boots for the first time i have been waiting for about 10 minutes and the screen is just there, the tiny cursor line keeps on blinking so the device is technically not frozen. can i just restarted and tagain or just wait until it changes or the battery dies lol ?


RyanC111 month ago

where is google play on this honeycomb version?

BarryH23 months ago

I'd like to say THANK YOU! I had attempted several times to turn my nook into a "Nandroid", but all were fails. Now I'm really enjoying the android and I'm looking forward to learning how to use it to its full potential.

AllenB15 months ago

How about the reverse, making an Android tablet into a nook or nook hd? is that possible? Can't find it online.

klee639 months ago

Doesn't work for Nook HD. Bummer. Wanna give me instructions for clearing that off my SD card?

Gelfling6 klee636 months ago

Do a look for "SD Formatter" on most search engines.. I had to do this for a boot SD card on a Raspberry Pi , when it refused to boot, and I couldn't get it to accept a new boot image. (unless you're playing with Linux, then use Disk Utility, and simply delete ALL partitions off the SD card, and format it with a single FAT16 file system.) (link: , they have a version for Windows & For Mac OS-X)

InvaderDig6 months ago

I tried this and my nook just booted up normally.

it gets stuck on an android screen

klee6310 months ago

Do you know how to do this to a nook hd?

beaver84 (author)  klee6310 months ago

It should work the same for any nook

klee63 beaver8410 months ago

Next question... I have a micro SD card that (in desperation, when I needed an sd card and didn't have one) I used in my canon camera. Would I need to format or re-format the mini sd card before doing this?

beaver84 (author)  klee6310 months ago

Yes, you would have to reformat the micro SD card before loading the root files, and the micro SD card can be much smaller than 16 GB - I would say a 4 GB micro SD card would be fine.

klee63 klee6310 months ago

AND does it have to be a 16 g? Can it be smaller, or are the root files THAT BIG?

Thank you!!

beandrive1 year ago
what happens if it doesnt work, can i go back?
beaver84 (author)  beandrive1 year ago
Yes. Just remove the SD card and reboot and the nook color will be restored
Mr-Zax2 years ago
my nook color does not have a sd car slot that i can see can you please help
beaver84 (author)  Mr-Zax2 years ago
Sorry for such a late response. Turn your nook color over and look in the bottom right corner. There you should see a small tab that can flip out. pull that tab and under that you should see the sd card slot.