How to Turn Your NOOK Color Into an Android Tablet





Introduction: How to Turn Your NOOK Color Into an Android Tablet

Hello, this instructable will show you how to turn your NOOK color into an android tablet.

Here is what you will need
  1. 16 GB micro SD card
  2. micro SD card adapter
  3. a computer
  4. Win32 disk imager
  5. a NOOK color(obviously)

Step 1: Downloading Necessary Files

First, you will have to download 2 things, the first thing is an application called win32 disk imager. I will provide a link here-

The second thing you need to download is the bootable disk image of android honeycomb
I did a google search on the image and found this website-

Step 2: Putting the File on Your SD Card

Now, open win32 disk imager. you will then see a window pop up on your screen. Click on the file folder and select the disk image. then, click write. When that completes, power down your nook color and put the SD card in your NOOK. Then, power it up, and you should see the android operating system.



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    Hi! I was able to install the android but my screen is not working. The screen is not responding to gestures or touch that I do. I hope you can help me with this. Thank you!

    same problem here. Seemed to install but couldn't unlock the screen...


    I have an AFN SD card and it is acting "wonky". I backed it up on a laptop I no longer have. How do I fix the card?

    Now... how about getting GApps to work with this setup?? HELP!!!

    I did all, but my touch screen is not working

    Hi, I just did this and it boots up android. So far so good. The lock screen appears. I am unable to unlock. The n-button just wakes up the screen. The power button toggles screen on and off. I tried to reboot it, and now it asks if I would like to reboot. I have absolutely no touch screen capability. I pulled the Micro SD card. I waited about 5 minutes and tried again, and it apparently shut off. I was able to boot back into the nook OS. It's a no-go.

    Umm..I may have got ahead of myself...I am new to instructables.... I don't know how to fully view and use the "dashboard" .....I got ahead of step 2.. I am using Windows 7. So, I never saw the "write" choice..So instead.....I used "Send to" to put the compressed file on on my sd micro 32 card and extracted the files so there is a compressed file and another file folder with the same name...Hopefully it achieves the same thing....guess I will just have try it in my Nook..


    powered the nook down put chip in and it is still a see the card is in, it shows the files but no operating tablet yet...will try again but any advice would be appreciated.

    I have a San Disk gb32 micro card that came with a dual slot card reader.....I am assuming more memory the better? Is that right?

    You need at least 16gb, I used an 8gb SD card and only 80mb were free.