Easy to do mod for an extra credit/debit card with RFID chip (i.e. Paypass).

Using this method, you will be able to locate and extract the RFID chip in your spare
Paypass-capable card and place it in your cellphone. This will allow you to present your cellphone at Paypass terminals (movie theaters, McDonalds, etc..) and pay using the RFID chip.

Step 1: Get your materials

Items needed:
- Spare credit/debit card with embedded RFID chip (if go to your bank and request a new card they will typically send you a new card w/ the same number and info).
- Scissors
- Cellphone
- Magic marker/ Sharpie
<p>Thanks to Mr Martins and the entire staff of UNIONATMCARD for the help they give to me in getting one of their premium card am so glad to have met you guys and indeed am grateful,hackedatmsellergroup@gmail.com</p>

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