Step 5: Success

Picture of Success

You now have a fully operational RFID-embedded cellphone.

Oh, and please let me know what you think as this is my first instructable.

P.S. before I forget, I did not come up with this completely on my own. I had seen something similar almost a year ago online. Try as I might I can't seem to find the site anymore. I just want to give credit for the inspiration to the author of that webpage, whoever they may be.
francisroan4 years ago
hey then how will u ever put ur phone inside the atm slot?
hubologista4 years ago
Just cut my oyster card ( London travel card)and it it works , simple, easy and use full that's what i call a good hack :)
Treknology5 years ago
I did something similar with my laptop while at Uni. Most libraries use long metal strips that can be activated so that security stops you from leaving with a book that has not been logged as "on-loan", once it's logged and deactivated the security scanner lets you through, and then when you return the book the strip is re-activated.

I obtained such an activated strip from the staff and buried inside my laptop. This meant if a call of nature required that I had to ask someone else to keep an eye on it and they failed, it would be pulled up at security. Only I knew that I had to go to the counter and ASK for it to be passed around the security barrier.

Some of this technology can be turned to your own advantage.
very cool. I'm not about to try it though, in fear of ruining both my card and Env2's micro sd slot.
jmeister156 years ago
haha, i cant wait to see the look on the cafiteria peoples face when i hand them this! They hate us when we pay with pennies!
muthaw6 years ago
Nice Idea