How to Turn Your Closet in to a Boutique - Oh La La





Introduction: How to Turn Your Closet in to a Boutique - Oh La La

About: thirty something girl that loves crafting and collecting all things vintage!

I took one very mini ugly closet in my tiny home and added some vintage wallpaper, new paint, crystal chandelier, and a fancy mirror - then Violia I now have a cute little closet ever that looks like a New York boutique. Who would not want to put their clothes in this. I love my new closet.



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    That's the fanciest closet I've ever seen! Looks great. If I were 6 and playing hide-and-seek, I'd pick this closet every time. ;)

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    me too, but I'm 52 and I'd love to hide away in it-read a book with a chocolate and more chocolate, turn off the phone,,,

    I love it!! Where did you find the vintage wallpaper?

    I love it, great choice of wall paper, I'm going to have to declutter my closet first before I try this.

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    Thanks - it wasn't very full to start with - easy to transform !!! You must clean out yours and do the same