Step 5: Bask in transparent LCD glory

Picture of Bask in transparent LCD glory
Congratulations! You did it, now take some pics of the end results from your chosen vantage point and when you do email them as attachments to my auto-posting public blog at: gone98dock2blog@photos.flickr.com. If you want to see my public blog can be seen here

Also, I just was given this link by a friend, here is a flickr pool of pictures of other people's transparent screens:


Thanks for reading my instructable and be sure to watch my YouTube video I made of this illusion!

MAF JR7 years ago
you needed to move the soda can over to the left just a lil bit more but good work
krazy8 years ago
this looks pretty cool... but the natural light that comes in my computer room wouldnt allow me to do this... the brightness would never be the same. i doubt he got any emails because in his video he moved the camera too much and you can actually tell its a pic on desktop... the plaque get WAY outta wack