This tutorial is a rough guide to creating a home made electrical good. I am in no way responsible for your electrical burns, sliced fingers or ruining your mothers favourite glass vase as practise. That said, every step I outline in this tutorial is relatively safe if you follow the instructions with a little common sense and a mind to what you're doing.

Now we're done with the disclaimer bit, go buy yourself some thick leather gloves and some safety specs, cheap stuff will do but just go do it. I know, I never use safety gear when I'm drilling metal or wood but you're about to drill through a piece of glass at several hundred RPM. Somewhere a risk assesor is bleeding from the ears already. Don't argue with me, they're your fingers and eyes, protect them as such!

Things you will need

Eye protection
Your bottle of choice (I reccomend 70cl/1 litre bottles for the sake of scale and the extra weight)
The kitchen sink
A few old towels
A 10/12mm rubber grommet
A wine bottle stopper/optic seal
A length of 10mm threaded tubing
A rechargeable drill
An appropriate length of dual/tri-core electrical wire
Your lamp fitting and shade of choice
Duct tape
freezer/greaseproof paper
And finally a 5mm and a 12mm Tungsten/Diamond core drill bit.

Step 1:

Once you've rinsed out your bottle, take a look at it and work out where you want your cable to run out at the rear. Are there any ridges in the glass? There is one on the Jack Daniels bottle we're using as you can see, right inbetween the label and the base. It's not a problem but keep that in mind when you're thinking about your drill RPM later on, along with any seams or joins in the glass.
Thanks for the instructions!!! I have a couple cool whiskey bottles I want to try this with!! These instructions will be a big help!!!<br>
<p>What would you recommend if attempting this with a blown aluminium type bottle?</p><p>I mean in regards to the lampholder part.</p>
<p>wheres the best place to buy the hardware, ive only found kits that have the cord on the outside</p>
<p>I bought all of the hardware seperately and just worked out a way to build it that made sense to me. Most of it came from eBay sellers and my local hardware store. I don't think anyone sells a kit to make lamps like I did as it involves drilling the glass bottle, most seem to run the cord out of the lamp fitting and down the back of the bottle as it is easier and less labour intensive. . </p>
<p>Hi, just wondering where you got your light fittings? I live in Ireland so can I buy online and also what do they cost? </p><p>Many thanks</p><p>Karen</p>
Hi, I couldn't tell you what the exact brand is without rifling through a lot of boxes I have in storage but the fittings I used were bog standard bayonet lamp holders with a built in switch and 1/2&quot; threaded fitting in the base. If you put Mercury WA34 lamp into Google they looked exactly the same as that although I'm pretty sure the ones I used were unbranded items from Wilkinsons. They should be very cheap, I remember them being around a pound each, possibly less.<br><br>Failing that you could use brass fittings with a similar threaded base to them in theory but then earthing the whole thing properly would mean an extra bit of wiring.
I would be really cool if you could figure out how to get some LEDs in there with the glass pebbles.
Thanks for sharing how to make these :)
No problem, being the first tutorial I've written here I just hope it's up to scratch! I'm quite looking forward to seeing what others come up with..

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