How to Turned an Old Pair of Jeans Into a Pair of Cuffed Shorts





Introduction: How to Turned an Old Pair of Jeans Into a Pair of Cuffed Shorts

Just turned an old pair of jeans into a pair of cuffed shorts. Love it!



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    Very nice! :) Thanks for sharing.

    OK, I really don't mean to be mean or anything, but is an instructable/video on how to cut the legs off jeans & roll up the cuffs really necessary...?

    :-) You're absolutely right! I felt bad when I made the video and I didn't include any voice instructions because it is super simple. However, I recorded and put it up anyway because I still have people asking me to how to do it. There are certain details in the process such as the angle of the line that you mark before cutting to prevent your short from rising up in the back and show your bum, etc :-) Maybe I should have pointed at out making the video a little less of a joke? :-) Thanks for checking it out though, I will have some real instructable projects soon.

    I don't know I have a problem with my PC or what, but there is no video.

    I apologize. I put the wrong embedding link. Here it is now! Thank you so much for tell me!