Unclog HP Cartridges in 2 Minutes




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Introduction: Unclog HP Cartridges in 2 Minutes

Easy procedure with cheap materials that you can find at your home.
Composition of "VEJA" product:
* Alquil Benzeno Sulfonato de Sódio
* Álcool Etoxilado
* Water

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    Great instructable! I have thrown away some clogged cartridges, and they are expensive.

    But you should say what contains that product, Veja.

    Here in Argentina, I think it does not exist. Surely something similar, but one must know what is.

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    I just put the composition of the product in the descripition.
    Veja is made in Brazil, maybe you can find in local supermarket because of Mercosul.

    Newly thanks! Minutes ago I could unclog a newly purchased HP 56 alternative cartridge, using your method. Here in Argentina I don't know if there is Veja, but I used a liquid soap/detergent for choths, Ariel. I suppose any brand will functions.

    (¡Nuevamente gracias! Hace unos minutos pude destapar un cartucho alternativo HP 56 recién comprado, usando tu método. Acá en Argentina no sé si hay Veja, pero yo usé un detergente/jabón líquido para ropa, Ariel. Supongo que cualquier marca funcionará).

    Instructions are in english, except for the video, and list of chemicals and tools.
    Could you redo this, but all in one language please?

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    I gonna work on an all-english version.
    Meanwhile i added subtitles. Unfortunately not avaliable in embed videos.