Easy procedure with cheap materials that you can find at your home.
Composition of "VEJA" product:
* Alquil Benzeno Sulfonato de Sódio
* Álcool Etoxilado
* Water

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Great instructable! I have thrown away some clogged cartridges, and they are expensive. <br><br>But you should say what contains that product, Veja. <br><br>Here in Argentina, I think it does not exist. Surely something similar, but one must know what is.
I just put the composition of the product in the descripition.<br>Veja is made in Brazil, maybe you can find in local supermarket because of Mercosul.<br>Thanks
Newly thanks! Minutes ago I could unclog a newly purchased HP 56 alternative cartridge, using your method. Here in Argentina I don't know if there is Veja, but I used a liquid soap/detergent for choths, Ariel. I suppose any brand will functions. <br><br>(&iexcl;Nuevamente gracias! Hace unos minutos pude destapar un cartucho alternativo HP 56 reci&eacute;n comprado, usando tu m&eacute;todo. Ac&aacute; en Argentina no s&eacute; si hay Veja, pero yo us&eacute; un detergente/jab&oacute;n l&iacute;quido para ropa, Ariel. Supongo que cualquier marca funcionar&aacute;).
Thanks, gm79jf.
Wheres Instructable Bot?
Instructions are in english, except for the video, and list of chemicals and tools.<br>Could you redo this, but all in one language please?
I gonna work on an all-english version.<br>Meanwhile i added subtitles. Unfortunately not avaliable in embed videos.

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