Step 5: Putting it all back together

Picture of Putting it all back together
Put all the pipes back the way they were and screw all fittings nice and tight. Run the water to make sure the pipes are clear and there are no leaks.

That's it, you're done! Go reward yourself with something awesome. You deserve it. You totally do. This was not a fun job.
A way I've found to reduce this type of clean-up job is to pour hot water down the drain. We don't use much hot water itself in the bathroom sink (energy savers we are) and the slime tends to really like that.

Every once in a while after I've finished boiling something for a meal, I'll just take the pot up to the bathroom and dump it down the sink there instead. Since I've started doing that, I haven't had to clean it out since.

I think my photo beats out the ick of your photos :-P
I used a Zip-It to clear my long-haired girlfriend's shower drain - pulled up what look like a dead rat, pushing toward guinea pig, of hair and product and gunk. Smelled like death, but the shower drained like a champ first time in years. Prepare for some truly nasty aromas!
jwisnia6 years ago
I didn't see anything about how to disconnect the drain stopper from it's actuating lever. Did I miss it or did you?
Lithium Rain (author)  jwisnia6 years ago
Ah, so that's what those things are called! :D No, I just had a really hard time taking pictures of that because of the way the sink is configured with the wall. I don't think I had any useable ones for that step, and thus forgot to put it in. I'll add that in asap. :)
I had to unclog the shower drain hole once, it was nasty since no one had done it in a while, I had to get in there with a pair of long tweezers since our shower drain pipe is in concrete. I swear I pulled out about 400mls of hair, soap scum and whatever else was down there...luckily it didn't smell too bad, ah it's a thankless job.