How to Unclutter Your Desktop





Introduction: How to Unclutter Your Desktop

This is an instructable on how to get a clean, uncluttered desktop.
sorry about the small pics i dont no how to make them bigger:(

Step 1: Look at What You Have.

Give a general description of the Steplook at all your Icons. this will tell you what you need as folders.

Step 2: Create a Folder

right click desktop>new>folder, name it a catagory (for instance games)

Step 3: Put in the Programs

drag and drop your icons for that catagory to the folder for me its all of my games.

Step 4: Pretty It Up

change the picture, right click folder,properties, customize, change icon and choose a fitting icon. you can download icons from internet, or use any pic on your computer



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    This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image of the final project to the intro step. Please do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks!

    thx, its my first one but any idean on getting a bigger pic?

    yea u crop the pic and then re size it, i would use gimp

    and then drop all the folders in a folder called desktop

    im curious how you got a MAC background on a WINDOWS machine?

    o to google and search OS X on images