How to Unjam a Stinger S32p Airsoft Shotgun


Introduction: How to Unjam a Stinger S32p Airsoft Shotgun

I will show you how to unjam a s32p shotgun with one simple household item!

Step 1: Getting Your Items.

You will need:
1. A long stick that will fit down the barrel to where the magazine feeds the ammo into the gun.
2. Your jammed gun.

Step 2: Unjamming the Gun.

Here is the procedure:
1. Take the magazine out of the gun.
2. Slide the cocking mechanism back but dont slide it forward.
3. Put the stick or pole (shishkebab stick) down the barrel till it meets the jammed bb's.
4. Push the bb's out of the barrel and through the opening of the magazine loading point.

Step 3: Finished!!

Now your gun should be ready to fire!
If you have questions just ask it in a comment.



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    i have the same one and it shoots very far but realy hurts ha its a good gun for like 20 25 dollars so i recommend it

    My friend had this exact gun. it was a total failure.

    im thinking about gegtting this bb gun will you tell me how much was it and where to get it and does it fire multiple bb's at once?

    1 reply

    I got mine at walmart for like 25 dollars not including tax you can also get it on the walmart website for the same amount.

    i have a knock off version of this and it has the same parts and everything just sold cheaper, but it comes with a reloding tube witch is a "redneck" speedloader, and the ram rod it uses as it says in the users manual functions as both the ram rod to the speedloader and when alone it is an unjammer, it is basiclly a long plastic rod same diameter as bamboo

    I dont think you should shove randon items down the barrel

    how do i unjam my shotgun if the pump is stuck in the middle??? i stuck the long stick you use to load it down the barrlel, i felt the bb's but none came out? please help i appreciate it

    1 reply

    a stick the same diameter of the barrel to loosen them?

    Hi, I have pretty much the same gun, but like Ledzeppie, it is also a smith and wesson. My problem is I dropped it once and it broke but none of the pieces are actually broken. It just sort of pushes the bb out instead of firing it. So I took it apart and took out this one piece that was in the white cylinder, that I thought was constricting the air flow, but it still doesn't really fire. I'm not sure if that's why it doesn't shoot anymore or if its something else. Do you have any suggestions that might help me? Thanks.

    1 reply

    i hade the same stupid problem.

    I had that gun but it broke within a week.

    I have that same gun and it has never in 2 1/2 years jammed on me.

    I love the s32p but I scrapped mine to make an evil hand gun XD it's steampunk'd too! but instructables does not allow me to post it "please enter topic" even when there is a topic

    i have the same gun i think and its a smith and wesson

    it never jams on me, it just may be you

    i had a paintball gun that looked just like that

    hey i have that gun!!! my first gun, mostly bcuz it looked cool and i was 10