How to Unjam an Airsoft Gun. (Spring)





Introduction: How to Unjam an Airsoft Gun. (Spring)

 The title said it all... or did it...

Step 1:

 First find a rod that fits nice and snug in the barrel of your  gun.
Some examples; legos, straws, or paint brushes.

Step 2:

Take out the magazine (clip). Cock the gun back and hold it in the cocked position, insert the rod from step 1 and jam it up and down. A BB should fall out from the magazine hole. As i demonstrate with my spring Uzi.    I like my Uzi...



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    Almost ALL uzi's look the same

    Kinda. The scorpion is not an uzi, though, if that is what you mean.

    either that or my friend did not read the box right :v

    well, my friend had an uzi, looked exactly like that, and said on the box the scorpion. but i'm not gonna fight with you. fighting comments take up to much space on a page

    Is that the scorpion?

    No, It is just a cheap micro Uzi.

    My clip wont come out.....LAlalalala gotta go to wal mart and get it fixed

    If your clip will not come out, most likely, there is a BB stuck in the magazine well. Try to wiggle the magazine while holding down the catch or button that you use to pull it out.

    cheese is nice