How to Unlock CMD on a School Computer (Windows XP)




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Introduction: How to Unlock CMD on a School Computer (Windows XP)

So, a lot of people really like to do computer pranks, especially at school, though most require CMD (Command Prompt), which is blocked. I will show you how, using notepad, the easiest way possible (Anyone can do this, you don't need to be a wiz).

Step 1: Open New Notepad File

First, You'll have to open up the program Notepad. (All Programs>Accessories>Notepad)

Step 2: To the Typing!

All you have to type in the window is:


Make sure there is a space after the word "command"!

Step 3: Saving

If you are not a computer wiz, this will be interesting!

When you save, click "Save As..."

Then name your file "CMD.bat"
(the ".bat" is important!)

Instead of saving it as a ".txt" file, choose "All Files".

Save to Desktop or where ever you want.

Click the icon and enjoy CMD!



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    if this doesn't work (which it did not for me because bat was blocked) try going in to wordpad from accessories.(you need to save a notepad file with cmd.exe and still save it .bat even though its blocked) then click on insert object then create from file and attach the file on. then a block should appear on the with one of those things you get when it wont show a picture. it will say cmd.exe at the bottom then clicke on it. first time you do it if command prompt comes up and it wont let you type you need to go back onto notepad and type the command above the cmd.exe. or you can just write cmd at the bottom and forget about the .exe it should work. the only annoying thing is you have to go back on notepad and do this over again to change it but once you make yourself administrator it will be able to open and you will be able to type.hope this works for you it did for me.

    One caveat. Make sure when you save you leave the "Encoding" as ANSI. Otherwise the command box flashes for a fraction of a second and disappears..

    Hate to burst your bubble, but if the network admin is worth anything, when they block command, they will block batch files as well. Every now and then you run into one that doesn't know ****... that is when this will work.

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    Well, at some schools btch files are blocked, but in my whole school district they aren't. If they are make a .vbs--

    @echo off

    Save as FILENAME.vbs under all files.

    Yes, a vbs would work in many more cases than a vbs (although many it admins block any sort of custom script like that), but the script you just posted is a batch file, not a visual basic script file. Your syntax is totally off. Just because your school district doesn't know how to do a decent job of administrating computers, it doesn't mean that all school districts don't know what they are doing...

    Also, just so you know; you can get expelled for bypassing restrictions set forth by it admins, and even get sent to jail depending on how far they want to take it. It's a really bad idea in the first place... even if it did work in all places.