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I never find a correct sized coin when it's really needed mostly when I go for shopping.

You can buy a premade key ring which has the correct size and can replace the coin.

But I found a very good tip to have the ability to unlock a shopping cart with something all of us have at hand!

Step 1: Watch the Video

Get a rounded key and use it like a coin ;)

There is no exact steps the video include everything you need to know about how to unlock a shopping cart.

It can be so useful so check it out!

Thanks for your support!


mrgw98 (author)2016-04-16

You gave me so many ideas from this I wish I hadn't seen it.

terrefirma (author)2015-09-12

If you get the coin back and used a key to get it aren't you stealing? If morality doesn't stop you, consider that they will know if it doesn't equal out and catch you.

nekolin (author)terrefirma2015-10-25

no you get the coin back when you return the cart so you just get the key back its not theft you are just using a key instead of a coin either way when you return the cart you get it back if you are at aldis they sometimes give you a different cart back so you actually want to let them know you used your key instead of a coin so you keep your cart afterall the key blank costs 3usd and in the usa you are putting in a qaurter which is .25 usd so really you are robbing yourself of 2.75 usd if you dont keep your cart

nekolin (author)2015-10-25

ill say what i said to the last guy good job but there are over 1000+ different type of keys with all different ends so you need to update with the key model since not all round keys will work

EcoExpatMike (author)2015-09-09

Where do you have to put in a coin to get a shopping cart?

unclet901 (author)EcoExpatMike2015-09-26


Plomack (author)EcoExpatMike2015-09-09

some grocerie stores in large cities have problems with cart theft so they use it as a deterrent. its normally a loonie (1 dollar) in canada

jesss (author)Plomack2015-09-11

I believe the main reason for the coin is not so much cart theft (£1 is a pretty good deal for a cart!), but more to incentivise people to put the carts back in the right place after they're finished with them, rather than leaving them all over the place...

agulesin (author)EcoExpatMike2015-09-10

Most of the stores where we live have them chained together to prevent theft. You put a pound coin (Euro, whatever) into a slot on the handle and it releases the chain holding that trolley in. Of course you get the coin back after re-attaching the trolley to the others. See:

PS: Once I gained two pounds from airport trolleys (in Gatwick?) - two of them had been abandoned with coins still in them - connecting the three in a triangle solved the problem and was worth the time! (author)2015-09-10

He's talking about a physical lock on the cart that can only be released with a coin. The point isn't spending the coin, it's having one physically available to use to unlock the cart. If you don't have one, the key will work.

BTW - In the USA, Aldi uses these locking carts. There are usually a couple of unlocked ones left in the parking lot.

ahorabin (author)2015-09-10

Most of the big stores in the uk use these trolleys and have to put £1 to release it but we always get that back when we return the trolly. going to try the key idea next time I go.

ethan_hair7 (author)2015-09-09

Nice music on the video

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