Step 6: Last four exercises

Ok, heres the last three for now.

Penguins, these are good for a good break in the middle of the 7 minutes
Burn Scale = 1 Bell Pepper

Start off in classic position and keep heels just far enough away from finger tips so as to stretch a little to touch them. Move from left heel to right heel, feel the slight burn in your sides.

Burn Scale = 4 Thai Pepper

Start in classic position except put your hand behind your head so your elbows extend forward. Thrust your body upright and touch each kneecap with adjacent elbow before going back down. This drill is pretty tough so not too many reps can be accomplished in one minute.

Touch touchers
Burn Scale = 4 Thai Pepper

Once again start in classic position, but lift legs completely up, 90 degrees to body. Try to reach and touch each toe with adjacent hand without bending knees. This should be a relatively fast drill.

Ok, Thats it! Theres plenty of drills here to pick and choose which ones to load your seven minutes with. Within a month of doing seven minutes every day I had defined abs... not to gloat or anything. Well, I hoped you liked this instructable, especially my awesome pictures, and yes it is my first, but I do have more information i can share with you in more instructables to come.

Please leave me any comments or suggestions, and if you want to improve my pictures I would totally welcome them with a big embrace! Thanks!
robertjames4 years ago
we do this athletics every week for ten minutes
TheBookie6 years ago
The problem with this, as with all ab workouts, is that you have to lose the fat from around your waist in order to see ab definition. This cannot be done simply by working out your abs. You will never "burn" away fat from a certain area by working the muscles surrounding it. This is done through cardio and other aerobic workouts, and aided by weight training. Additionally, a more efficient way for abs to "pop" is by doing weighted ab exercises. The Ab and oblique muscles are no different to any other muscle, and their growth will be stimulated more effectively by breakdown and rebuilding via heavy weight training, than through repetition of movements. With that said, your workout is great for people who want to increase the endurance of their ab muscle. I just want to ensure that people realize if you have even a little extra fat around your waist, this workout alone will not get you six pack abs.
That is so true TheBookie. You definitely need to BURN the fat with cardio or other exercises. My question is when you mention ab workouts with "breakdown and rebuilding via heavy weight training" what do you mean by break down and how cna we use weights with these abs workouts??
cnickm6 years ago
SEVEN......minute.. abs! like in there's something about mary. cool beans!
Tarzan1387 years ago
so your only suppose to workout for seven minutes?
chrishaum7 years ago
Great instructable. I had seen these before, but now I know exactly how to do them. Thanks!