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Introduction: How to Unpack 5 Singer Sewing Machines

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Crafts-mas has come early this year thanks to our wonderful friends at Singer! I showed up this morning to discover 5 boxes full of sewing machines just sitting there, waiting to be unpacked. I didn't know what to do! I've never unpacked 5 sewing machines before. So, I immediately set forth to figure it out. And, of course, I documented the process in true Instructables fashion. Follows is how to unpack 5 very different and awesome Singer sewing machines.

Step 1: Make a Singer Sewing Machine Pyramid

Before you can unpack the boxes, you first have to make a sewing machine pyramid. This is not really part of the unpacking process, but when is the next time you will have the chance to make a sewing machine pyramid? I mean, c'mon, really! This had to be done before any of the real work could start.

Sometimes you just have to ask yourself, 'What would Martha do?'

Step 2: Start at the Beginning

I find it best to start at the beginning. So, with this in mind I started unpacking "The Professional" first. The reason for this, for those of you who are not constantly reminded by me on a daily basis, is obvious, I am a Professional. It is only fitting that a Professional should start off this undertaking by unpacking "The Professional."

Brake the seal and follow all of the directions on the box. This box directed me to avoid stepping upon the sewing machine, get an umbrella and a glass of wine. The first two were no problem, but I found it a little too early in the morning for wine. Instead, I substituted the wine for a glass of water from the tap. I then resumed my work.

Step 3: Unpack All the Cool Stuff

Unpack all of the cool stuff from the box. Admire it. Look at it. Cherish it. Smile.

And then violently "dispose of" the packaging out of the way. You have more important things to worry about.

Step 4: Put It All Together

Assemble the cool acrylic measurement shelf-thing as directed. Plug in the foot pedal and you are good to go. Or at least, up to the point where you need to figure out how in the heck you need to wind the bobbin and thread the machine (but that is a different story).

Step 5: Serger

Take your awesome pro Serger out of the box and then throw the box violently out of the way. Be amazed that it is completely set up and ready to go! There is no assembly required on this bad little puppy. Oh no sireee! Here we go serging away!

Step 6: Real Machines Have Curves

Moving on... I next unpacked a Singer Curvy sewing machine. This curvy little number was packed a little on the hefty side and I ended up having to open both ends of the box to get it out. When I finally got it out of its packaging I was very pleased with its shapely frame. Setting it up was a breeze and it really knows how to work the room.

Step 7: Pick the Next Obvious Choice

There were two machines left for me to unpack, the Singer Simple or the Singer Futura CE-250. After unpacking 3 machines already, I obviously choose to unpack the Simple one and worry about the big boy of sewing and embroidery later. The Simple sewing machine was Simple to unpack and Simple to set up. Yet it took me about 30 minutes to realize I put it on the table facing the wrong way. I think that, perhaps, was my own Simple error.

Step 8: Prepare for the Robotic Uprising

Lastly, I unpack the monstah of alll sewing machines, the Futura CE-250. Many people do not know,  but most of the commercially available Futura CE-250 sewing machines have actually come from the few-tah to prevent a robotic uprising and the fall of mahn. This sewing machine means business. More advanced versions of this sewing machine are currently serving as the govah-nay-tah of Calee-forn-ya.

To unpack this machine, first release it from is constricting bands and then break the seal. Be careful while unpacking, because as the box clearly says, this is an "electronic sewing machine." This is some advanced and dangerous technology. With a little bit of wrong guidance, this machine will join the robotic hoards and destroy all of mankind, so please be cautious. The Futura CE-250 is not to be taken lightly.

Step 9: Report to Your Infant Overlord

Take a step back and admire your handiwork and then report to your infant overlord. Try not to get overwhelmed by your overlord's approval and pass out (like I did).

Now is the time to stand proud on your feet and get to work figuring out how to use these awesome, wonderful, fantastic sewing machines, courtesy of your friends at Singer!



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    Katie B. here from SINGER Sewing Company. I'm so happy you all are pleased with the machine selection. We sent you a bit of everything. Please let us know if you need anything else. Cheers!

    I wish singer would just give me machines...

    I wonder if my niece is a competing overlord...  She's cute enough for sure!

    Heather 006.jpg
    3 replies

    PS that's my brother, not me. He kept saying, you know you want one... He's a henchman for sure!

    Mind control.  That's how you can positively identify evil infant overlords.

    I'll have to check the basement for a brainwashing machine. <.<    >.>

    XD you are hilarious.

    But I have a few questions/comments on the background. To wit:

    What's the rainbow thing?

    There are TWO robots?!

    Why do you have a discolored area of brick marked as the exit? That must be funny when you have visitors.


    11 replies

    The rainbow thing is a curtain, parachute and giant clown costume all in one.

    Yes. There are many robots. According to Rachel, the robot's name is Gumdrop and that is "Gumdrop 12" and "Gumdrop 49" (don't tell anyone as this may not be true).

    That was from the last visit of the Kool Aid Man. He just can't help it. He came to visit from Miami. The robot is a distant cousin.

    Wow, you certainly do utilize things efficiently at HQ!

    :O Robot has a name?! All I've ever known is a lie...

    Ahhh, that explains Robot's, er, rotundity.

    It was a surprise to me to. I'm not sure that is really robots name, but Rachel seems to think it is.

    So we should or shouldn't be calling the robot "Gumdrop"?

    I'm not sure!

    I think that's his code name.

    Well, in the mean time I will still call him The Honourable Instructables Robot.

    We could have a naming competition!

    Robots? I see none.

    And cool hand!


    Blind much, now I see.


     Wow sowing, cooking and breaking boards with your head is strange combo

    Hehehe i love unpacking new things and putting them together :)

    That professional machine looks tough !

    The ibles HQ looks great, somebody needs to take photos of it all and make a forum topic, we'd all love to see !

    *bows down to infant overlord*