How to Unscrew a Stripped Screw


Introduction: How to Unscrew a Stripped Screw

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This works for most screws with a stripped head or security bolts that you don't have the right tool for. Just grab a center punch and a hammer then center punch the side of the screw. When you have a big dent then start hitting the center punch on an angle to get the screw moving. Once its moved 1/2 a turn or so you can undo the screw with pliers or your fingers.

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    or even better, than those rolson extractors, is to buy a tool that you can use for removing stripped screws...and many other things

    I always find myself unscrewing stripped screws or bolts out in the wild when I don't have ideal equipment with me. Rick isn't wrong, but this is a super-useful tip for people who may not run into stripped screws often enough to merit purchasing screw removers.

    yep.agreed. not a bad instructable tho.