How to Upgrade the Blackbird 002





Introduction: How to Upgrade the Blackbird 002

A serious gaming PC for serious PC gamers, the Blackbird was built for super easy upgrading and Dan Robideaux from the HP Voodoo Business Unit shows how quickly and easily an upgrade can take you from ~60 fps in Call of Duty 4 all the way up to over 300 fps! You have to see this upgrade to believe it -- the Blackbird's "tool-less architecture" doesn't mean a thing until you see it in action.



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    all tho the blackbird is cool, and the tooless is great and all, i prefer the toolessness of the macpro - which at the end of the day, is one of the best windows machines on the market.

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    The Mac Pro is a mac but 2011 model is cool no tool and relax

    That is of course if you don't want to build your own, which wins hands down. Calling it one of the best windows machines on the market is bold considering hardware wise there are much more powerful systems out on the market.

    wow, i want one of those o.O

    Dang, I might but one just for the ease of upgrading!!!

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    they dont make them anymore :)

    I liked the cpu watercooling block. How it was one large piece that easily came off and the radiator was already in place. I am thinking about watercooling my pc but i am skeptical about compilations such as leaks spewing water all over my system while gaming. I wonder how much they charge for that thing. If it werent for the case i could build a similar pc for about a grand. Maybe more cause that looks like a really nice mobo too.

    That thing must be a power hog!!! Tool-less looks like it makes things so much easier.

    well, i wasnt sure at first, but it is of interest, and slideshows/videos are meant to show off, if anything its inspired me to create my own diy tooless pc. btw linuxh4ax0r, you had much experiance with mini/nano/pico-itx?

    none at all. Only full size