Introduction: How to Upgrade Your 2600mAh Powerbank to 5000mAh

This video shows you how to upgrade your 2600mAh powerbank to 5000mAh. This is for the popular 2600mAh keychain powerbank found in eBay. You don't need a rocket scientist brain to do this!!!! :P

Warning! quick solder on battery terminal. Li-Ion battery can explode when expose to heat for long period of time. Best is to discharge the battery and wear safety glass.

What you need?

1. Soldering iron and flux

2. 5000mAh 18650 battery ($10 or less in eBay)

3. Precision screw driver or pryer

Step 1: Open the cover by create a small opening at the side and then insert pryer or precision screw driver to gently snap open the cover.

Step 2: Remove the internal battery and the USB circuit board from the holder. Check and remember the terminal wire colour (red wire for + and black wire for -)

Step 3: Unsolder the wire attached to the internal battery. Then solder the wire onto the new battery. Make sure the terminal is correct.

Step 4: Check the circuit by charging it and charge a usb device. If all well, close the cover. If all fails, check the wiring.

There you go, you have upgraded your 2600mAh powerbank to 5000mAh.


ForumP (author)2015-08-28

Sir, I have single cell powerbank. If I add the Additional same type of cell(parallel) then it would be OK or it may left burnt up the PCB?

danleow (author)ForumP2015-08-28

Addin the batteries in parallel is ok but don't connect in series or serial.

ForumP (author)danleow2015-08-29

That means we can add multiple cells so that the capacity is increased, but dont its PCB has any load of it?

danleow (author)ForumP2015-08-30

only if you connect the batteries in parallel you will maintain

samalert (author)danleow2016-02-05

hey mate i dont know why but i connected 4 old laptop battery in parallel checked voltage it was 3.7v and then as soon as i connected the connections went red hot and burnt. Pcb was saved but am not sure why it happened. Then i started testing with two and its still happening same why is that so. And yes i am connecting in parallel and checking voltage on multimeter

SianaG (author)samalert2016-10-28

Perhaps instead of parallel, you accidentally connected them antiparallel, i.e. plus to minus and minus to plus. This is actually a short circuited series connection, causing the maximum possible current to flow, as much as the cells will emit. However, between the common terminals, the voltage is close to 0V, so there was no electrical damage to charge controller.

That the wires got red hot means that the cells took thermal damage too. Toss them away, you can no longer use them.

Another possibilty is much less likely, that one of the cells gained high ESR and another low, due to repeated series charging without full balancing, causing a difference in apparent voltage when they were connected, which caused compensation currents to flow. But it's difficult, nearly impossible for that to occur at such currents as to heat up the connections red hot, because then ESR is current-limiting. What normally happens is that it either levels off or the battery depletes itself and becomes useless, but no extreme temperatures.

samalert (author)SianaG2016-10-28

I actually used thin wires and those heated up. After using multi stranded wire it worked good. Connections were good though.

danleow (author)ForumP2015-08-30

Only if you connect the batteries in parallel you will increase the capacity but maintain the same voltage as a single cell bat. Usually the PCB in powerbanks accepts about 3.7V which is about the same as 18650 bat.

JesseL35 (author)2016-04-10

I dont think there is such thing as a 5000mah 18650 battery i think the highest 18650 battery would be 3000mah

SianaG (author)JesseL352016-10-28

You are quite correct. The highest capacity 18650 size cells are approx. 3500-3600 mAh, made by Panasonic (ex Sanyo) and LG Chem. Which is honestly quite impressive already, i mean anything beyond approx. 1600-2000 is no longer terribly trivial, which is about how much you can expect from cells made by Chinese chemical companies, no matter how much they exaggerate.

I'm not sure i'd take those cells of unknown origin even for free, i mean what it they grow a lithium dendrite inside and short out? There's still plenty of energy in there to make the consequences uncomfortable.

NathanielP11 (author)JesseL352016-04-28

You can buy 6000mah 18650 batteries from chinese sellers.

JesseL35 (author)NathanielP112016-04-28

Just because they state 6000mah batteries it does not mean it is actually its capacity there is such thing as fake you know. If such capacity exists then how come the major manufactures dont produce it. It is most likely a fake

NathanielP11 (author)JesseL352016-04-28

Lol yeah I was aware of that. I was kinda joking. I was making fun of how they claim the batteries to be 6000mah. But the thing is - Chinese sellers are afraid of negative feedback, ironically. Thus one could easily get a refund, and end up with free batteries. Your reason for refund could be that the storage was exaggrated.

sunitz (author)2016-06-14

What will happen to led indicator after upgrading battery, will it show proper indication of battery being fully charged or not? And what is parallel circuit.?

Muteeb UllahK (author)2016-01-12

sir can you make one for me please... i would love to purchase it

tinkercad1 (author)2015-08-16

Those 5000mah or 6000mah batteries are fake. You are mostly buying lower than 2600mah.
The best 18650 battery has 3500mah and it's LG INR18650 MJ1 or Panasonic at 3400mah and only IF you find genuine. Be careful because they sell these on ebay and some are fake.
Also, don't forget, you need UNPROTECTED batteries
Look here. They were selling 66mah batteries disguised as 18650.

venauntopo (author)2014-08-31

Wow!! Amazing, I have bought the new batery and as far as I can I will change it.

Here I leave some links I have found:

Batery 6000mah(1.29€)

Case (1€)

Regards and good job.

danleow (author)venauntopo2014-08-31

18650 battery should weigh about 45grams. Most fake 18650 batteries weigh less than 40g. So your battery should be genuine.

I have video of some fake batteries,

venauntopo (author)danleow2014-09-01

What a pitty! thank you for the explanation.

ironsmiter (author)2014-08-31

double check ACTUAL capacity.

Not to be contentious, but what brand cell did you use?

And if buying them, rather than risk questionable soldering in a dangerous battery, get tabbed cells. It isnt more than a few cents extra to get the soldering tabs prewelded on, ad us much safer.

The only 5000mAh cell I have ever seen was a 32650. And the highest capacity 18650 was 3800mAh. There are plenty of ebay listings, amazon listings, and even manufacturer listings over that amount, but MOST any cell/battery claiming over 3200mAh is going to be a relabled cell of much lower capacity.

And if it has "fire" anywhere in the name, you KNOW it is at least overrated, if nit a flat out fake. The best "fire" cell I ever tested was actually a USED sony cell that had had the protection circuit ripped off, then filed flat(I could still see evidence of 2 of the spot welds they couldnt get all the way off). It was "rated" at 2600, and produced an actual 1800.

For a quick survey if ebay batteries, check out for a more comprehensive, but older, review of batteries and capacities, try

Now, I HAVE recelled things like this. For friends and family who have bought the round powerbanks (looks like a large lipstick), they often have garbage cells in them, but ok circuitry. Sony, and panasonic cells with solder tabs turn these dollarstore rejects into useful power supplies.

danleow (author)ironsmiter2014-08-31

I have a few of these lipstick powerbanks and a few of them actually uses old salvaged laptop cells. I was told (by a Chinese powerbank factory) that many powerbank manufacturers in China uses old discarded laptop cells in their powerbanks.

About the 5000mAh 18650 battery, I was a bit sceptical so I did a benchmark against another 2600mAh bat on my Cree torch light. Well the torch light with the 5000mAh lasted 1.5 times longer than 2600mAh battery on full charge. But how many cycles can it last? I am not sure, I still need to do more test and see what happens.

ironsmiter (author)danleow2014-09-01


Congratulations on finding rebadged Panasonic 3400 or 3800 cells! (depending on the actual capacity of your 2600 cell) You have a couple keepers there.

I too have used discarded laptop batteries for re-celling stuff. Usually, in a given pack, only one or two of the cells have gone bad, while the rest are still almost like new. A quick rundown test, like what you did with your flashlight, quickly sorts out the bad cells.

Rebadging and flat out lying about capacity is apparently bad enough that some sites like have begun putting the listed capacity in quotes. They even have a policy on it! ("** Note on capacity: Ultrafire is known for overrating on numbers such as battery capacity and light outputs. Although this battery is printed 2400mAh it may not have this capacity when fully charged.

We do not have the correct equipments to test for actual capacity at thi stage. If you know the actual numbers of this battery please let us know and we will post information here." )

The nice thing, from our standpoint, about the round battery banks, is they simply unscrew apart. no prying needed. makes fixing them a lot easier. but not as much fun to write instructables about.

Keep up the good work!

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-08-31

Awesome, upgrading easily is always good but rarely well explained! Thanks for sharing!

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