Step 2:

First of all take your upholstery webbing. 
Fold the beginning of it so that it can't break and, using the staple gun, attach it to about one half of the wood frame, as you can see in the pictures.

The webbing must arrive to the other side of the frame so cut it where the wood ends.
Pull the webbing as tight as you can and secure it with a few staples leaving a couple of cm (0.78 inches) free. 
Like you did at the beginning, fold the end and attach it. The only difference is that it will be upside down but don't worry.

Do the same on the other half of the frame.

Now rotate the frame and repeat the same process so that there will be 2 new strips perpendicular to the first ones.
You can twist them like I did (see the pictures) but it's not really important.
Luziviech2 years ago
I'm doin a stage in a saddlery for 3 years now; my boss is not the old-fashioned one, so he combines rather modern techniques with this profession. So from what i learned from him, for the webbing i'd suggest you to use old safety belts from junkyards as they don't brittle over time. Also grind down the inner edges of the frame to make things lesser sharp. Then use tiny nails instead of staples: we cut a small piece of leather, lay it across the belt and nail it with three nails in a row, then fold over the end of the belt and add four more nails in a trapezoid shape. On the other end of the belt, you can use this tool (can commonly been purchased at fleamarkets and ebay from ppl who dunno what it is): http://www2.fachgebaerdenlexikon.de/typo3temp/pics/86bf408a99.jpg - the spikes can be pushed through the belt on the downside - on the other end of the tool is a reversed edge which can be hooked onto the edge of the frame - you press down the tool and keep it strained with your hips. This way you got your hands free to hammer the second end of the belt...
lindarose92 (author)  Luziviech2 years ago
Thank you so much for your advice!
My father has been an upholsterer most of his life so what I do is what I am learning from him. But like I said, I am still learning so this will be very useful to me :) thank you again!