How to Upload & Tag Multiple Files Using Drag & Drop to Your Instructable


Introduction: How to Upload & Tag Multiple Files Using Drag & Drop to Your Instructable

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First off this requires using a Firefox web browser. If you haven't tried Firefox, please do, it beats the pants off Internet Explorer in so many ways. It works on both MAC and PC's.

Let me explain the problem.
You have just taken 50 photos for an Instructable that you're going to document. Now you want to upload, probably all of them, so you can start attaching them to each step you're going to create. You want to upload them all at once, because it's too slow to upload them on each step and it breaks your writing rythym. You probably also wish you could just drag images from your desktop or folders instead of choosing each one at a time.

The Solution.
We have one, so follow me to Step 1.

Step 1: Install Firefox Plugin Dragdropupload

If you don't already have Firefox, download and install it now, it's also free and does everything better :)


Now download and install dragdropupload:


If you have an older version of FF, 1.5.x or older, you'll need to restart your browser. If you have the latest version, it will ask you to restart and it will reload all the pages you're currently browsing.

Step 2: Go to Contribute > Upload Files

Make sure you are logged in.

In the navigation menu at the top of the page, go to:

--> Submit
---> Upload Images

Then open your desktop finder and browse to the images you want to select.

Assuming you have arranged the windows, so you can see them both at the same time, like the image below. Drag your images onto the textbox right after the word choose.

You should then see all the images you selected listed. See the second image below.

Step 3: Tag & Upload Your Images

Before you click on the upload button, make sure to add a tag that will get added to all of the images you have selected to upload. For example, these are for my taco Instructable, so I have given them the tag 'taco'.

Image 1. Now click 'upload'.

Image 2. The spinner page.

Important! Don't close this page until you see Image 3 telling you the image have been uploaded. While your images are uploading, go do something else or open a new window/tab and start writing your Instructable. It can take quite a while to upload images, depending on how many you're uploading and what your Internet connection speed is.

Image 3. Success, your images have been uploaded!

Step 4: Accessing Your New Images

Your new images will now show up in your image and file library when you are editing your new Instructable.

Click on your tag link to show just those images that have been tagged.



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    Sorry, that is annoying. We have started working on a new uploader that won't require a plugin/add-on to select more than one file at a time from your browser.

    This could not work, because I could not drag to select all of my pictures. Therefore, could not have even drag them to the space.

    You have to open the image folder on your computer, then just drag them into the upload space. You don't have to click ""Browse" because it doesn't let you select multiple files.

    I'm confused. You say go to the navigation menu at the top of the page, go to: --> Contribute ---> Upload Files The top of what page? I can't find anything called "Contribute".

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    Sorry, we have changed the names a bit. I'll update the Instructable: Make sure you are logged in and then: --> Submit ---> Upload Images

    Apparently the interface changes frequently :-( For the record, I'm using Firefox under MacOSX 10.4.11. 1) The "Submit" hyperlink no longer has any sort of "Upload Images" option. Instead, it has a outline-like description of the different things members can submit (Instructables, Slideshows, Video, etc.). 2) If I follow an alternative route -- "You" -> "Image Library" -- dragging a collection of files simply doesn't work. It just "snaps back" and nothing is registered. 3) If I use the [Browse] button to the right of the text box, then even if I select multiple items from the pop-up, only one of those items (seemingly chosen at random) appears in the result.

    Yes, I haven't updated this Instructable yet as we just released the new version of the site the night before last.

    1. I will add an upload images link to the submit page.

    2. Image Library is the same page as the upload, so just will get you to the upload page. You can also do this from the bottom of creating an Instructable. You can also create a direct link to it using the CUSTOMIZE link features at the top right of your screen.

    3. You cannot select multiple images using the browse button.

    4. If you have the Firefox Drag & Drop extension installed, you should be able to drag multiple files into the text area to the left of the browse button. I'm using FF2 on a PC and it's working fine. I know it works for others in our office that have macs.

    5. We're creating a new uploader that will allow you to ctrl + click multiple images from the browse menu. This is what flickr is using for it's default uploader and it's really nice.

    Hope this helps.


    It does; thanks! (1 & 2) I was able to get my images uploaded, I just had to do them one by one :-) (4) I'll look into the Firefox D&D; extension; it didn't work from Safari either, although Safari was much more stable for me than Firefox. Again, thanks for the reply! -- Michael Kelsey

    thank you so much! i was just about to upload 62 pictures separately.

    I am not a computer literate, I have many projects but am unable to upload because it is a so complicated process to understand and execute. Why can't we just ZIP the complete project and upload it, and you do the final editing. I do not know what format to use for script, animation, video, photo etc. I do not know java or C++ nor can understand it.

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    I would be happy to help you understand our upload process. If you need help just PM me. I would start by authoring an Instructable and uploading images for each step first. That will probably be the easiest way to get started. The drag & drop firefox extension is great for dragging files from your desktop the upload area when you have a lot of photos to upload. I think once you give it a try, it won't seem so complicated. There is no coding needed to document an Instructable.