How to Use 7 Segment LED Display


Introduction: How to Use 7 Segment LED Display

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Hi guys in this instructables iam going to say how to use seven segment LED display. it cost only Rs: 8 ( indian rupee). you can also add this to your project to display numbers or some words also.

Step 1: Components Need

To activate LED's in Display you need some components

* 1 k ohm resistor × 1
* 7 segment display ×1
* 6V Dc supply

Step 2: LT542

There are several type of 7 segment display are avilable in market.I used here is LT 542.

Step 3: Circuit

Pin configuration for seven segment display.

Each side of display contains five pins.The middle pin is cathode which always connected to positive terminal. you can see small dot you can also use that.

Step 4: Working

The positive should connected to cathode. Then the balance are made as per your requirement.



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    Are you sure that such pin configuration is right? It seems necessary to swap pins 'f' & 'g'

    1 reply

    yes yours is right