How to Use Adobe's IPhone Packager Without an Apple Developer Subscription





Introduction: How to Use Adobe's IPhone Packager Without an Apple Developer Subscription

 If you're like me, and just downloaded Flash CS5 to test out it's ability to create iPhone apps, only to be stopped by the fact that you have to spend money at apple to be a developer, then this instrucatable is for you.

This instructable will show you how to export a Flash iPhone project to an IPA without a Developer Connection with Apple, and then how to test that app on your iPhone. 

Please note, you still will not be able to publish the apps that you create on Apples AppStore. (Well I don't know what would happen if you tried, but I don't see it turning out well).

Here's what you'll need:
 - Flash CS5
 - iPhone/iPod Touch
 - The iPhone/iPod Touch needs to be jailbroken
 - You need to be able to install IPAs by dragging them into iTunes or some other method

You'll need to look up instructions on the latter two if you're not sure on what those are.

To be honest I'm not 100% sure that your iPhone needs to be jailbroken before doing this. So if someone without a jailbroken iPhone wants to try this, by all means do and let me know how that works out.

Step 1: Design Your App in Flash

 The first step is designing your test App in Flash CS5.

Once Flash is open go to the File menu and chose New...

And then in the New Document dialog, choose iPhone OS, and then click OK.

You should see a blank white box.

Using the Text tool on the right side of the screen, write some words in the box.

Step 2: Exporting the App

Before we export your App, be sure to save it (File>Save).

Now under the File menu, go to iPhone OS Settings...
and then switch to the deployment tab.

Download the zip file attached to this instructable and extract the files in it: and Fake.mobileprovision

Next to certificate, browse for FakeCert.p12 and select it.
In the password field enter 1234

Next to Provisioning File browse for Fake.mobileprovision and select it.
It should populate the App ID field automatically, don't mess with it.
If it doesn't it should read com.gamevil.zenonia2

Next click Publish.

Be patient, even on a fast computer, it may take a while for it to finish building the App.

Once finished, in  the same directory as the fla file that you saved earlier should be an ipa file with the same name.

Step 3: Installing the App on to Your Device

 Once you've found the IPA file, open iTunes.

Plug in your jailbroken iPod Touch or IPhone.

On the left of iTunes, select Applications. If you haven't downloaded Apps before on iTunes, you'll need to download an App from the iTunes AppStore, on your computer, before this menu option will show.

On the left menu in iTunes select your device.

Then on the tabs on the top click Applications. Make sure Sync Applications is checked. You should see your application in the list. Make sure the box next to it is checked as well.
Now press sync at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: Test Out Your App!

 After iTunes is done syncing, unlock  your device, and find your new app!



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    you can now upload apps with cydia impactor

    Please update this tutorial xD

    why should he?

    it still works

    the game downloaded on the phone but shows "Waiting..." when you try to open it...please help

    It works with flash cc and os x, thank you so much :)

    thank you so much !!!!

    Hmm, i'm probably doing something wrong. I've made ipa file but when i'm trying to upload it to ipad with iFunbox i have error message: "Funbox involve the official app installation API on iDevice. All installed Apps work only within their own sandbox, which is safe and quarantined from the iOS kernel. To install unsigned/unofficial/modified ipa package, install AppSync from Cydia first."

    Do i need jailbrake to upload this app on ipad?
    Why i just cant install app Via USB

    I got this to work with Adobe Flash Builder, but I did have to modify the Fake.mobileprovision file to have the same name as my project.

    does this certificate work with xcode?. thank you

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