This video tutorial explains how to color with colored pencils and improve your abilities :)

<p>Well done all round. I think pencils are under used as an art medium. </p><p><strong>NOTE:</strong> The picture in the silver frame was done by me in Dewent pencils on black paper. Try it they give a great (different) affect. </p>
<p>Wow you did a great job!</p>
<p>Thank's so much. These are some others done with coloured pencils on Black paper. Click on the Fish to get it full size and if you have a blue/black light (in a dark room, of course) it reflects beautifully. Dear Frankekka I si not mean to highjack your instructable but you reminded me to get back to the pencils again and try the Black paper the effect is so good.. Great stuff.</p>
<p>no prob! I love the paintings you have shared with us :)</p>
<p>Thank's I'm particularly fond of the pearlised colours and Iv'e even used the marbled colours. (3 colours of lead in the same pencil.) I hope others follow your tutorial, it's a great medium.</p>
<p>wow this picture is really beautiful !!! thank you for sharing this one with me :-D</p>

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Bio: Hello there! I'm Francesca and I love drawing... that's why I started to share my passion with all of you with speed paintings ... More »
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