Picture of How to use Cydia + Apps and Sources List
In this Instructable I will show you how to do the following:

1. Finding the App
2. Upgrading Cydia
3. Update your Applications
4.Searching for New Applications
5. Installing New Applications
6. Remove or Reinstall Applications
7. Adding Sources
8. View and Manage Storage

9. Some great Suggested Sources
10. Some great Suggested Apps

Overall, just read the title! You'll know how to use Cydia and find some great applications by the time you're done reading this.
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Step 1: How to use Cydia: Finding It

Picture of How to use Cydia: Finding It
step 1.png
step 1.3.png
Here's a basic walkthrough to help you navigate through and get the most out of Cydia.
NOTE: This only works on jailbroken iPhone's or iPod Touch's

1. Click the Cydia icon on your Homescreen

You'll see loading while it updates the sources and loads the welcome screen.

NOTE: "How to Use Cydia: A Walkthrough" is sourced from: and another source, for adding sources:

Step 2: How to use Cydia: Upgrade Cydia

Picture of How to use Cydia: Upgrade Cydia
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step 2.1.png
step 2.2.png
step 2.3.png
2. Upgrade Cydia
From here if you haven't run Cydia in a while, or this is your first time running, you may get a notice about "Essential upgrades". These are upgrades to the Cydia application itself that may be required for installing new packages and apps:
* Press Upgrade Essential
* Press Confirm to begin the download and install
* Wait for Complete and press Close Window
* Press the home key, and then re-open Cydia to continue

NOTE: After installing essential upgrades, it's always a good idea to restart Cydia to make sure the new packages are reloaded. Repeat Step 1 to open Cydia again (though you probably already guessed that).

For ios 8 you should defiantly be jailbreaking. I saw a great video on <a href="">cydia download</a> Really useful.

cyrilburkova2 months ago

SigneR1 the video looks good but it doesn't shows how to download Cydia. I am using iPhone 6 Plus can you please share a video to jailbreak my iPhone 6 so that I can get all the Cydia apps?

SigneR15 months ago

Watch this video to get all apps for free ;D I did it

Mazum Adams5 months ago

It's good to know how to use Cydia and upgrade it but I would be happier if you can provide some easy method to download Cydia. There are many guide on the internet but it is too complicated for me.

downsw119 months ago

I just downloaded cydia, It's an awesome app that I have ever seen. Thanks for your kind help and instruction.

yuanpiao1 year ago

Is the upgrade work on iOS 7? I tried the step to download Cydia but it is not working for me. My Cydia keep crash and not working.

cydia1 year ago
Good advise. I found the best advise on cydia download advise on this jailbreaking site iphone unlocking
adaieh1 year ago
Great article. I just recently Jailbroke my phone and Cydia was downloaded automatically. I'll check this source out.
adaieh2 years ago
Cydia is great, I was able to download Cydia successfully. There are a lot of top Cydia repository sources listed in WWW.JAILBREAKHOME.COM
wanaiman2 years ago
hey,does this work with cydia on ipad because i wanna update/restore my cydia cause i messed it up.thanks
tynow2 years ago
Can't find GBA, has it been removed?
delta19984 years ago
hey is everything free no matter what you do?
When I said, " Nothing is free legally," I meant that nothing that cost money will be free legally, but already free apps are free legally.
Some cydia apps cost money. Nothing is free legally. You can get free apps using installous, but as stated in the instructable, it is not legal. You can also get free in-app purchases by downloading something called iAP Cracker in cydia, but you have to add another source, and I don't think it's legal. There is a source that allows you to get copies of cydia apps for free. It's just like installous, except when you search the cydia app you want in cydia, there will be two of the app you are looking for. One will be free and the other one will cost.
projectguy4 years ago
how do i upgrade if i didn't get a notice?
lukethebook333 (author)  projectguy4 years ago
Simply go to changes under the bottom bar, and click to update, then you can install all the updates at once or one at a time by clicking on them.
labory5 years ago
i have a ipod touch 1 g 3.1.2   i jailbroken  the ipod  but  i dont know  how  to download games  or even  a  singular  app....plz  can u help me..
I downloaded PwnCenter which allowed me to download "All Sources". It's better than manualy downloading every source.
conradev5 years ago
for iphones, add the ultrasn0w repository ultrasn0w is the easy unlock for iphones with 3.0