How to use Digital Calipers

video How to use Digital Calipers
Sounds really obvious, I know, but after asking around designers/engineers I knew, I noticed few knew the '4th' way to measure things with callipers like these! Given that these only cost £15 or $12, they can really improve your modelling efficiency.
pfred21 year ago
By 4th way do you mean step measuring? Step is between inside and outside on the back. I mainly use the outside jaws myself. With those I can directly layout and scribe stock for machining operations. Which is how I consider calipers are "properly" used.
Hey Jude (author)  pfred21 year ago
Hi pfred2, Thanks for the comment. Not sure I understand your comment. Forgive me, but I think I also use the scribe technique with the 'pointy' bits of the jaws - both the 'top' and 'bottom' types...However, I see in the instruction manual that comes with them that the 'Step' is useful as it ensure a perpendicular reference pont which the jaws can not do. At the risk of adding more confusion - I find it is useful for measuring bolt lengths for example, as it gives a bottom-out for both the end of the bolt and the head...if you catch my drift. Clearly it's lesser known as it's less critical, but I still feel worth knowing.
Maybe I need visual aids?

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