How to Use E-ink Display Module on the Stm32(Compatible With Arduino 3.3V)





Introduction: How to Use E-ink Display Module on the Stm32(Compatible With Arduino 3.3V)

Hello guys, this is the third time we(smart prototyping) post an instructable here, thanks for watching! We will keep on post funny instructable. This is a E-ink display module! hope we can help you a little and communicate with your guys!

Here is the 2.04 inch E-ink display module instructables for how to display chars and BMP picture.This E-ink display module is special made for E-ink display development,no need to build any additional circuit and component, you can run this E-ink display module directly with your project.

Ultra low power consumption, when working voltage is 3.3V, power consumption is less than22mw,refreshing current is less than 6.5mA. After refreshing finished, auto shut-off external LC circuit.The E-ink displayer used IPS full view screen, when it is static status display, it does not waste any power consumption.

Here is our product page:

E-ink E-paper Display module 3.3V 2.04 inch 177x72

Step 1: Connecting the Module to Stm32, This E-ink Module Have Ten Pins,

Connecting the module to stm32, this E-ink module have ten pins,

Display module STM32








Step 2: Run the Demo in Keil,and Change the Chars in Function

down load this demo code.
Find below code in the bottom,



E_Ink_P8x16Str(4,35,"keep moving");

Here you can change the comment that you want to display in line 1, line
two, line three. The first and second parameter is the starting x,y coordinate.

Step 3: Upload the Code

Click the load button

Step 4: Now Start to Display a Logo

Here is the smart-prototyping logo picture here, transfer the picture to 172x72 pixel, save the picture.
if you don't know how to transfer the picture pixel, please download the 172x72 bmp here

Step 5: Transfer the Pic to Gray4 Code

Use the following software to transfer the BMP code to binary code,
Download GUI-bitmapCovert form google or other

open the bmp picture,and Click the Image Convert Into Gray 4,

save it,copy the code in logo.c

ONST_STORAGE unsigned char aclogo[]

Step 6: Copy the Code in to Keil

Instead the picture code in ink.c. find the "


" and copy the code to this funtion. if you don't understand this step, you can just run the example code...

Step 7: Upload Code Done!

Run it,

Now you can see it display on the E-ink!

It is compatible for all kinds of master control whose voltage is 3.3V including arduino 3.3 V



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Do you have the same instructable for E-ink 2.7" or 3.5"?

Sorry, we don't have it, because we didn't make that dimension/model E-ink display module. Do you need this module for your project? Please kindly contact us at if you have any ideas. We could work together.
Best Regards, Alex

How fast is it to display a picture ?

How could I get started in displaying a Bitmap on say... A 7" E ink display with and Arduino?

Hello critopadoif

With arduino, you can display chars on 7" E ink display, but Bitmap need bigger RAM arduino or MCU, or a SD card.