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Hey, today im going to show you how to use fast fret.

But first:
What the HELL is Fast Fret???

Fast Fret is a guitar string product. It makes your strings last longer and makes it easier to play.
I recommend FastFret cause your strings will last WAY longer...


Fast Fret(Music Stores around 15-20 bucks)
1 Minute
And if your an alien a pair of hands(What aliens can make music???)


Open up your Fast Fret and take out the stuff.


First with the cleaning cloth wipe the dust and crap off your strings....


With the wooden thingy push it along the string from the saddle to the bridge.


Now put the wooden pully thingy back in the box. With the cloth quickly wipe it off.
and put everything back in the box.

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dreamberry (author)2011-10-30

I like KFC chicken grease. It makes the guitar smell nice, plus I get a nice build up on the fretboard, which I call "redneck scallops".

WickeD12 (author)dreamberry2011-11-15

haha nice especially if you like chicken....

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