CHECK OUT THE LIVE VERSION HERE: https://sites.google.com/site/arduinoexampleswitch/
this is a tutorial that will show you the potential of web based interfaces for your projects, often times we all would like to make stuff for the world to be able to play with but we also often times do not have the time and money to throw at a project to do so, so without further adieu, heres how this works:

step one:
user clicks button in the google apps script that is imbedded in a google site, upon this action the script writes to a text file the desired command, the text file is saved in a google drive account.

step two:
application running on the machine the arduino is attached to downloads the the text file from the google drive, and then sends the contents of the file to the serial port that the arduino is attached to

step three:
the arduino executes the command received over the serial port

Step 1: The Arduino

So for all of this to work, we first need something to control, for this i have supplied some code that is located in the zip file on this step, its a simple sketch that allows you to turn an led on and off by sending a 1 or a 0 to the arduino via the serial port. it is found in the folder titled "arduino code" when you get the code opened in the arduino environment, you can just upload the code to your arduino, nothin terribly special here
<p>Can anyone help me? I can't find the '' build user interface '' and i'm blocked at this point T_T</p>
Great job kyle!!!
thanks <br>
I'm a 49year old embedded HW/SW guy and you guys are now making me feel old :-) I totally like your approach to this and will copy many aspect. I like the idea of using a google site/drive and maybe https://developers.google.com/appengine/ to host my web access.<br>Thanks and keep up the great work.-Lee
Could you explain where in this article Visual Studio 8 is used and why it is required as a step in the instructable?
howdy! well the application that acts as a interconnect between the apps script stuff and the arduino was written in visual studio c#, ive included the source code for those who wish to improve, or modify to their needs.
Hi, Thanks for this, it's a great idea. <br>I would like to use this with a raspberry PI, could you explain more about the PC application or suggest how to create a linux version of it, or could you put up the code for the pc application. <br>Thank you, <br> <br>
simply put, all it does is it downloads the google doc file with this url:https://docs.google.com/uc?export=download&amp;id=0B7LTCy8EaA7pMS02YjdlNmIzOS01OGRhLTQyYzUtYTkyOS1kMWJkMWNhNzM3Zjk <br> <br>then it saves the file and opens it again, then reads the contents of the text file and sends the string to the serial port for the arduino <br> <br>as for linux support, your on your own, ive never dabbled with the silly stuff

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