I have a Netduino+ hooked up on the Internet with data logging  via Google docs.
Before i found this i was collecting the data via a SD card, on the Netduino.

I read almost every day Hackaday here i stumbled up at

But this didn't work for me, but i knew i was on the right trail.

After a lot of googleling  it worked for me, this (story) is how i did it.

I have tried to simply the whole thing in only text, with links to more relevant documents.
Please ask in the comments and i will try to answer these.

If something relevant is asked i maybe will change this instructable to clarify some streps, so please read first then ask.

This way of collecting is also useful with writing software with a database, you don't need a server with SQL or other language.
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Step 2: Use Google docs to collect data of a micro controller.

Picture of Use Google docs to collect data of a micro controller.
To use Google docs you need an account, if you make your project for somebody else then make for that project a new account.
Login and go in  google docs to new-->form
Very importantvVia this form the data is collected and put in the spreadsheet.
No form, No spreadsheet.

For every parameter you will follow, make a field.
(# means a number
 : means "this will be" "in the URL")

Standard HTML:
Text field : entry.#.single
textarea    : entry.#.single
radio     :  // Same group number belongs to the same group.
checkbox   :  // Same group number belongs to the same group.
option/select : entry.#.single

scale     : based on type radio on a row
grid     : based on type radio in a grid

The most used fields would be a text field for values and radio button for boolean.
cwalger1 year ago
Thanks for the great description :-) Does this still work with Google Drive? Thanks!
morthole (author)  cwalger1 year ago
Hi cwalger,
i have tried it with my code and it still works: comes your formkey&ifq&entry.0.single=10&entry.1.single=20&entry.2.single=30&entry.3.single=40&pageNumber=0&backupCache=&submit=insturen
Does this still work as of September 2013? I'm trying to follow, but not finding instances to "entry.#.single" in the source coding for the form.
morthole (author)  SpacemanSpiff_604061 year ago
Hi Spaceman,
I have looked at it and have make a new form to test i think the idea from above instructable stil works.
Look at the form source code find the tag of your field here you find the parameter name="entry.#"
# mean a randomnumber(?) generated by googledocs/drive
See step 2 of my instructable. I hope i have answered your question?
DouglasG11 year ago
does it regularly update the data? If so is there a set time for the update?
morthole (author)  DouglasG11 year ago
You decide when to update.
When you send data to the spreadsheet it is updated immediately.
I hope i answered your question?

The netduino in this example sends every minute the data to the spreadsheet.