In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to use the instructables website's step by step tutorial maker.

Step 1: Getting Started

First, if you haven't allready you have to create an account or log inb to yours, simply go to the top right corner of the website and click on sign up!
<p>I found the editor to be extremely clunky. If you want to include more than one photo per step, it tosses them in all together at the top and won't allow placement within the text where it belongs. As an editor, it leaves absolutely no room for individual tutorial style and insists that you learn the &quot;proper procedure&quot; by trial and error.</p>
Yeah, well this is my first Instructable :D I might go back and add but for now I have loads of other stuff to do! Thanks for the feedback anyways!
very clear instructable! It would be cool to talk a little bit about the different tools in the editor too- embed media, bold, hyperlinks, etc

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