Imagine this conversation:
"We had been out walking, just after the sun set, and were sitting on a park bench looking at the stars.  It was a beautiful night.  After a while, he said 'I wonder if we'll see any shooting stars tonight.'  Then, he asked me what I would wish for if I saw one.  I think I said a pony or something.  He said, 'If I saw a shooting star right now, I would wish that we could live together happily ever after.'  That was so sweet! I tried to kiss him, but he was still looking at the sky.  Then he went 'Look!!!' and pointed up.  I looked, just in time to see a shooting star go by!  It was amazing, like a miracle!  When I looked down again, he was already on one knee.  He took the ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him, right there!  Of course I said 'Yes' right away.  It was like... fate!"

If you would like your future wife to be able to tell a story like that, then this instructable is for you! 
This Valentine's Day, I'll show you how to make this miracle happen, right on cue, using a billion dollar satellite network and some good timing. 

Step 1: Some Explanation

First of all, this instructable is being written from the perspective of a man who wants to ask a woman to marry him.  That is just my experience.  This is not meant to slight women.  If you're a woman and think this might be a good idea to use to ask your man (or partner) to marry you, then by all means, give it a try!  I guess this would also be true for gay men as well.  The more, the merrier!

Secondly, this instructable is also premised on the western tradition of asking the woman for her hand in marriage.  Other cultures may have other traditions, so this may not work as well for them (e.g. arranged marriages and the like).  Then again, if your future bride is from a remote tribe living deep in the jungle, you might be able to use this instructable to get the tribe to make you their King!  Good luck with that...

Finally, Iridium does not refer to the metal, or some hallucinogen.  It refers to the satellite network sent up by Motorola in the late '90s.
How Sneaky! <br>I'm impressed ;)
Dude! You are slick! I simply could not be more impressed.
You have my vote! it's sooo unique. :-D
Thanks so much for your kind words, and to everyone who commented! I think I may have to do another instructable real soon!
Totally awesome! Thanks for sharing! Have a beautiful Happy ever after!<br>sunshiine
&quot;This really happened!&quot;<br>And here I thought someone just went through the trouble of faking a wedding.<br>Ha! This is a good idea. Good job.
Absolutely brilliant! Now I just have to make sure my girlfriend doesn't see this for a while...

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