Picture of How to use Iridium to get her to say
Imagine this conversation:
"We had been out walking, just after the sun set, and were sitting on a park bench looking at the stars.  It was a beautiful night.  After a while, he said 'I wonder if we'll see any shooting stars tonight.'  Then, he asked me what I would wish for if I saw one.  I think I said a pony or something.  He said, 'If I saw a shooting star right now, I would wish that we could live together happily ever after.'  That was so sweet! I tried to kiss him, but he was still looking at the sky.  Then he went 'Look!!!' and pointed up.  I looked, just in time to see a shooting star go by!  It was amazing, like a miracle!  When I looked down again, he was already on one knee.  He took the ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him, right there!  Of course I said 'Yes' right away.  It was like... fate!"

If you would like your future wife to be able to tell a story like that, then this instructable is for you! 
This Valentine's Day, I'll show you how to make this miracle happen, right on cue, using a billion dollar satellite network and some good timing. 
effiesque3 years ago
How Sneaky!
I'm impressed ;)
emcelhannon3 years ago
Dude! You are slick! I simply could not be more impressed.
ekim (author)  emcelhannon3 years ago
shazni3 years ago
You have my vote! it's sooo unique. :-D
ekim (author)  shazni3 years ago
Thanks so much for your kind words, and to everyone who commented! I think I may have to do another instructable real soon!
sunshiine3 years ago
Totally awesome! Thanks for sharing! Have a beautiful Happy ever after!
Sovereignty3 years ago
"This really happened!"
And here I thought someone just went through the trouble of faking a wedding.
Ha! This is a good idea. Good job.
bfk3 years ago
Absolutely brilliant! Now I just have to make sure my girlfriend doesn't see this for a while...