How to Use Pandora


Introduction: How to Use Pandora

Please watch the following video to learn "How to use Pandora."

Pandora is an online music streaming website based on the Music Genome Project. It personalizes your music experience by streamlining the song selection based on your preferences and analyzing songs using over 450 musical guidelines. The music is constantly updated to meet the demands of the latest music releases. This video uses screen capture from this website to walk you through "How to use Pandora."

Legal Requirements and Restrictions for Pandora including availability only with the United States, New Zealand, and Australia (including the respective territories) are available under Pandora's Terms of Use (



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    it may help to say a little in the description what Pandora is, and that it is only available in the US ;)

    1 reply

    Thank you for your suggestion. I have incorporated your suggestions to add a description about Pandora and provide a link to the Terms of Use page.