Picture of How to use Pepakura Viewer

This tutorial describes Pepakura Viewer.

In case you are looking for Pepakura designer tutorial, head over here:

Updated: 2013/01/11 ... 5 hours of work so far :)
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Step 1: Video on Youtube (HD 720p)

In case you prefer video to reading. I made this tutorial on my channel as well:

Step 2: What is Pepakura

Pepakura (often referred to as "Pep") is a program that creates buildable papercraft models.
Pepakura Viewer is a free software, dedicated viewer that shows 3D models and patterns for papercraft created by other people in Pepakura Designer from Tamasoft.

Such a model can be unfolded to a flat template printable on paper, to be cut afterwards, folded and glued together. There are many features in the Viewer to help you show and print your creations and construct paper models.

Output format = saved files have extension .PDO

Useless you say ? Read on !
You can get .PDF to print from anywhere you want ;)

Step 3: Viewer or Designer ?

Picture of Viewer or Designer ?
I had this problem too.
What is the difference, what do I need, how to use pepakura files ?

Pepakura Viewer = view files + print
Pepakura Designer =  design models + view them + export to other formats + print

Step 4: Download Pepakura Viewer

Picture of Download Pepakura Viewer
Go directly here:


Visit Pepakura website homepage where you can get this program.

1.] click "Download" from menu on the left.
2.] select Pepakura Viewer.
3.] at the bottom is located download button.

Size: 2.1 MB

Step 5: Basic models = PRACTICE !

Yes, you need to start somehow :)
Try basic stuff before jumping into more complex models.

Pepakura offers some basic shapes which you can download and try out:


Go to Download Page and see section "Download Geometric Models (Free)".
Scroll down where you can get shapes like CUBE:
Download [cube.pdo] (4 kB)

Downloaded the cube ? You have 3 files already to work with !
Pepakura provides 2 examples in its own installation:

* dice.pdo
* giftbox.pdo

Open folder where you installed your pepakura viewer.
In case of default installation depending on your operating system go to:

c:\Program Files\tamasoftware\pepakura3en\viewer\sample\
c:\Program Files (x86)\tamasoftware\pepakura3en\viewer\sample\

Lord_Vek1 year ago
Very useful info. Thank you!
krsiak (author) 1 year ago
Hi, you are welcome. I will be doing more detailed video on this probably in a week. And also I will have complete tutorial about PEPAKURA DESIGNER soon as well.

Once done I will send you PM.