How to use Pokesav for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: An Idiots Guide to Technology

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this is an instructable on how to use Pokesav which can be found here. just click on the download pokesav link and a message will prompt to open it. just download it and open it up, and you should get a window that has a whole bunch of stuff that looks like this.

EDIT: For those of you who want to make legit, super powerful mega charged pokemon, go here. It's a pokedex with all the pokemon and stats and everything you need to know. In other words, check out the pokemon you want to create, make only a couple of the stats maxed out for that pokemon. For example:

Raichu = make Special Attack and Special Defence stats really good because that's closer to normality

Garchomp = make Attack stat really supercharged because it can.

DO NOT SUPERCHARGE LEGENDARIES because now, that's just cheap, rigged,and downright virtually imposible.

Oh, and for that link, there's also a whole bunch of goodies that will help you on your pokemon journey and hacking :). Okay, maybe just journey, but things like damage calculator, balanced team tester, etc will help you lots.

Step 1: Opening a file

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unfortunately, this instructable is for those who have supercards or R4s, but im sure you could do the same stuff with an action replay. i think that the main difference is that for the R4 (which i have), you can actually edit the SAV file, and for the AR, its just to input cheats.


plug in your R4 and open the file from the pokesav by clicking OPEN and going to your R4 memory chip.
how do u use it w/out a action replay or an r4?
i downloaded pokesav then scaned it with avg it had 2 infections so i deleted it i got it off projectpokemon.org where did u get it or did u get one with an infection
rockman19655 years ago
Update: The link above is not working, this is the new:
me2576 years ago
i doenst work for me. it wont go onto my game but i do have an r4 card
how do I download it??
Justin Lam (author)  killer_pokemon6 years ago
id_kai6 years ago
Um... you need to go into further detail on how to make them look legal. If I were to use your instructable to create a pokemon and somebody looked at it who was a professional at checking them (I am) they would be able to tell that it was a hack.
Justin Lam (author)  id_kai6 years ago
Well instead of changing all the stats to 999, just change the individual value and effort value to max. or just change certain ones to make it more legit. go to some pokemon list website and make sure the moves, abilities, etc are actually possible with that pokemon. like don't give all your pokes wonderguard because that's a dead give away. same as teaching a magikarp how to fly, thunderbolt, flamethrower, etc.
lingling3736 years ago
So does this pokesav work on macs? i downloaded pokesav from pokesav.org but when i opened up the program it went to Font Book probably because there is no application for it. any suggestions? i hav an r4 and i want to put codes on it so i can make a team, get lots of pokemon, and own my friends. :) please respond
garrett106 years ago
ALSO what does fateful encounter mean?
garrett106 years ago
if you leave one of the check\text boxes alone will the left alone ones not effect the game? for example: if I change the name do I have to change every thing else like my ID or pokemon, ect.?
id_kai6 years ago
An R4 is a type of flashcart capable of playing .nds files that you can download from the internet. You are able to find some pretty cheap flash carts on dealextreme.com. Types of flashcarts include: R4, Acekard 2, Acekard RPG, and CycloDS (probably the best one out there). Flashcarts are quite useful and I suggest you check one out. If you do buy one and need help contact me at nsidkai@hotmail.com
drXhicken6 years ago
can u put up a videio so we can see what we have to do?
Justin Lam (author)  drXhicken6 years ago
what don't you get how to do?
0=D6 years ago
i gots a level 100 wondertomb!suckas!
jonathan8886 years ago
how do you put it onto your DS?
thim7 years ago
please help me with early reply that can we use this with gba sav.
Justin Lam (author)  thim7 years ago
no idea.
CRAZY JOE7 years ago
Help, When I use pokesav, its too big and i can't see it all please help!
Justin Lam (author)  CRAZY JOE7 years ago
what's too big.. the file or the screen
hey thnx for the walk through but how would i go about putting it in my action replay
Justin Lam (author)  logansthought227 years ago
well since i dont actually HAVE an action replay.... and yeah the codes are pretty long so i suggest having separate codes with a couple items at a time (like one code with good pokemon, another code for items and such etc.)
DannyClaws7 years ago
logan has a point there is that # thing how do u put it to a number????i have my dream team now it was so close only 1 minor setbak
hello_hi7 years ago
I don't understand in the opening the file
Derian11227 years ago
How do u even load the stuff u changed to work
awsome7 years ago
what is a super card or an r4?
awsome7 years ago
What is an R4, anyway?
How come the game crashes every time I look at my new Pokemon? And how come the codes are SO long?
Justin Lam (author)  chicken woman7 years ago
are you suing action replay or R4? cuz if you're using ar, you shouldnt do so many codes at once, maybe just one or two at a time (eg max money, all items, all pokes shiny, etc.) if you're using R$, it SHOULDNT crash, unless you're doing a cheat that totally screws up the game (eg change your location to some random 'mystery zone' spot)
Woah, I didn't know it was this much work...


Woops. What I meant was..


You HAD to repeat the whole thing:[
Justin Lam (author)  chicken woman7 years ago
what do you mean i had to repeat the whole thing? what thing?
Yes, how come the sad face?
dsman1952767 years ago
darn you beat me to it. well i gues not because my instructable is for editing the hexdecimal codes that you can get out of that.