video How to use SeaFoam
treenail3 years ago
I'm going to do the triple level Sea Foam clean...in the tank, in the crankcase and the one you showed here.

One additional part that I read about was to do like you show, add about half the can in little bits, then dump about a quarter of the bottle in and stall the engine. This floods the intake system and leaves it soaking wet rather than damp like what you did.

I hope it helps...seems like it can't hurt!
rimar20003 years ago
Very interesting, really, but I don't understand spoken English..

I give you an idea, without charging you anything: if you add subtitles, you will gain a lot of people like me, that can understand English when reading it, but not when hearing it. I can assure you that we are hundreds  of millions! Around all the world.

Please, add subtitles!