How to Use Straight Talk on the IPhone 4/4s


Introduction: How to Use Straight Talk on the IPhone 4/4s

You can use Straight Talk on you iPhone 4/4s or other smartphone that is compatible with AT&T. If your phone is originally from AT&T and it has a micro sim card slot, this method will work. If your phone is not originally from AT&T, it just has to be compatible with AT&T, unlocked, and have a micro sim card slot. 

Step 1: Make sure your phone is AT&T compatible and has a micro sim card slot (GSM phones have these)

Step 2: Purchase a Straight Talk sim card--they can be found on

Step 3: Follow the directions on activating the card

Step 4: Enjoy using AT&T's network with unlimited talking, texting, and data for $45 a month!



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    Not that simple. you can have voice and regular texting but no MMS and no data. I have both an iphone 3g and an iphone 4 and have tried all kinds of stuff to get this to work wiithout luck. I have been on the phone with straight talk and gone to the apple genius bar and no one knows really how to do this. If there is an answer, I'd sure appreciate hearing what else needs to be done.