This article tells you how to use TinkerCAD(https://tinkercad.com/) with Makerbot to make a "REAL" pen holder, you can see the amazing 3d printed pen holder as the attached picture. You can also see the video from here. http://player.youku.com/player.php/sid/XNjIwNTIyMTky/v.swf 


Step 1: Open Tinkercad

Launch Chrome with Tinkercad(https://tinkercad.com) and click "Create new design" button

Step 2: Drag the Box and Shape Scripts to Canvas

Drag a box from “Geometric” to canvas, drag the module “Voronoi” from “Community Shape Scripts” to canvas.(You can edit the parameters of the shape script module to what you want)

Step 3: Copy & Paste the Modules

Use Ctrl C/Ctrl V to copy paste lots of modules(For any shape scripts, you can change the properties to make them different)

Step 4: Set Shape Scripts Modules As Hole

Set the shape scripts as “Hole”

Step 5: Group the Box and Hole

Group the shape script and the box together to get the sides of the pen holder

Step 6: Make the Sides and Box Together

Rotate and move to make the sides and box together

Step 7: Get the Final Model Pen Holder

You will get the final pen holder

Step 8: 3d Print the Real Model

Send this module to Makerbot and print it, you will get the real 3d pen holder
<p>We are having trouble when we group the voronoi holed plate with the solid cube. Can you help us? </p><p>3D printing class in Memphis,TN</p>
<p>Creative... :-)</p>
<p>Creative... :-)</p>
<p>Creative... :-)</p>
<p>Creative... :-)</p>
very cool, can you do this kind of idea with a curved surface and if so does that mean I could print say a mug?
yeah, of coure you can.
I want to this pen holder. Very good idea.
cool! Looks great!

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