This is a tutorial for making a small map to help out people who want to make maps for gmod, counterstrike, and half life 2.

Step 1: Open Up Steam

Open Up Steam. Look for the tools tab at the top, and, if you havn't already done this, download the tool "Source SDK". If you have it then open it up.
<p>When did you take the snapshot of the 1st stem and the rest</p>
<p>dont use sdk for hammer if you have gmod open the the BIN file in the first garrysmod folder same for half life 2 i think</p>
<p>so got the sdk but orange box isnt there... i got the valve pack on discount during black friday of 2015 and i got the half life series, had gmod, counter strike series.... etc etc</p><p>main question is other then orange box, is there any other game i can use cause its listing tf2, day of defeat, and css along with source engines 2007-2009 and engine MP</p>
<p>how do i get the orange box???</p>
Can I download Source SDK on a mac?
you can now! you must buy a source game (http://store.steampowered.com/search/?category2=16 this link is a full list of games which have the source sdk. ) they are all mac compatible.
I have portal but when I open Steam and go to the library-tools menu, it says that Source SDK is not available.
is there a way to import npcs from hl2 into cs:s or something like that<br />
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I cant understand how you put anything on the map including textures and objects Etc.
well there is a ture tool on he side, it's the brickwall toolthat' on there. you simply select the texture you want on the right side, then sleect the textures you want to replace, then you click the brick wall button thing on the left. to make props and such, use the enitity tool to make props, and other things like that
My steam name is goldstar4me (though i changed it to a japanese translated one) meh, just search "the army of deliciousness" its my group (i own it) and you can find me there.
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Name is N1CK4ND0 on Steam. I run my own Counter Strike: Source server, have my own clan, and create my own custom maps.
nice, I too run my own clan, its at www.freewebs.com/sg1-clan-commandcentre I do not have my own servers, instead, we use DDR's all crit servers in TF2, and I too create maps, albeit using the dev_ colors so it comes out like the orange series of maps you play TF2?
I play TF2, not much these days though, I know what your talking about with the orange maps. I made an average one before, sitting on my old hard drive somewhere. I also got your add on Steam, I usually turn down people who add me and I don't know them but I guess it was your lucky day. :]
thanks, I haven't had much time to finish the map I'm making, but soon it will be done and it will be found at the DDR servers if you want to have a look, they generally use all custom maps such as orange_ddr, purple, purple_night, castle_4 and so on. Can you post screen shots of you maps somewhere? I would love to see them, also, check out tf2maps.net, they have some really sweet stuff.
add me on steam SG1Oniell(DDR) I have been building maps for quite some time, but haven't finished them sadly. I would love to have someone to collaborate with.
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uhh, how do I add other things, and textures for the ground and walls?
and how big my box is, and how to make a sky and all that junk

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