Roland VersaCAMM Vinyl Printer: A Quick Start Guide for Pier 9

Picture of Roland VersaCAMM Vinyl Printer: A Quick Start Guide for Pier 9

The Roland VersaCAMM Vinyl Printer is a high quality vinyl printer with a cutting knife feature that can print: large format posters, labels, stickers, car decals, window stickers, signs, banners, and much more.

Requirements for using this machine at Pier 9:

  • Take General Workshop Safety Class.
  • Read through this Instructable.
  • Do your first print with Shop Staff.
  • Any print longer than 4 feet should be approved by Shop Staff in advance.
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Step 1: Choosing + Changing your Material

Picture of Choosing + Changing your Material

Next to the Roland are two rolling storage racks with a wide variety of paper, sticker materials, spray masks, etc. Each printing material has a lasercut wooden label with the material name, product #, best-use suggestions, knife setting requirements (high or low), as well as material cost. Please keep materials labeled correctly.

Removing Material

  1. Unlock the Vinyl printer by pulling up on the black handle found on the front left side of the printer.
  2. Remove the roll of Vinyl from the back of the printer and neatly roll it up, adding tape to keep the vinyl roll from immediately unrolling.
  3. Remove the clear plastic wheels from each end of the roll.
  4. Place the old material roll onto the storage rack and take the material label from the front of the machine and place it on top of the roll.

Installing New Material

  1. Choose your new material based on the information on the wooden labels on top of each roll.
  2. Insert and tighten the clear plastic wheels into each end of the new roll.
  3. At the back of the printer, set the whole roll assembly onto the machine and feed the material into the back of the printer. The roll should be as close to the back left of the machine (close to power switch) as possible.
  4. At the front of the machine, add or remove the blue rollers to match the size of your roll. You can tell how many you need based on how many blue bars are above your material.
  5. Next, move the left silver edge holder to the edge of your material.
  6. Finally, push the black Lock Lever down to lock your material into place.

Print Head Height

Check the wooden label for your material roll, it should note High or Low. You will have to move the print head up or down depending on this information. You can change the height on the Roland printer by pressing the menu button, scrolling down to Head Height. The print head will then move so you can inspect it. There is a white lever on the print head. Pushing it down will move the head to a LOW height setting, moving it will set it for HIGH. Accept the new height on the screen and you are ready to print.

Check Ink Waste Bottle

On the Vinyl Printer, underneath the control panel, there is a plastic bottle for the waste ink. From time to time, this fills up and shop staff needs to replace it. Please check BEFORE you begin your print and make sure that the waste ink level is not above the line on the bottle. If it is above this line, please alert shop staff, so that we can quickly change this out and get your print on it's way.

Take Note!

  • any print longer than 4 feet should be approved by Shop Staff in advance
  • The most popular material at Pier 9 is White Vinyl Sticker. This material takes color well and is used to make Vinyl Stickers. It is easy to mix this up with regular white non-sticker vinyl. Check the label and then double check the actual material to make sure your are actually using your intended print material.

Some of the available materials at Pier 9:

-White Vinyl
-White Vinyl Sticker
-Black Vinyl
-Yellow Vinyl
-Sun-defusing Car Vinyl
-Clear Sticker Vinyl
-Sign Vinyl
-Transfer Paper

JonM57 days ago

Hey there, I like the two media racks on the right side of the printer,. Can you give me so information about them, who made them what did they cost, where did you get them?


gabrieltaft (author) 5 months ago

is there a way to adjust how deep the printer cuts, other than just the head high/loe setting?

asam6 gabrieltaft4 months ago
hi, i work with Roland Versacamm-640 its a year now and im in love with it,
anyway about the cut thing, it uses grammage pressure on vinyl so it cuts the vinyl not the support paper so with time and intense use of tge knife doesnt cut as it was in the start. so what u do with time is to add 5 to 10 grammes pressure, i usually start with 60g when its new.

Seems to me like you need to pull up on the black handle to unlock the printer, not push it down.