How to Use a CNC Mill With Google SketchUp





Introduction: How to Use a CNC Mill With Google SketchUp

Using a CNC Mill is pretty easy, and I'm going to show you how to upload a Google SketchUp project onto MillWizard.

Step 1: Making a 3D Image

First thing you need to do is to convert Sketch Up to .stl files. You can find and download this here su2stl.rb, which can download from this page. The next thing that you need to do is get the .stl files into the Sketch Up Pluggins. To do that you need to copy the .stl file into the pluggins file here C:\Program Files\Google\Google SketchUp 6\Plugins. Then make a 3D image on SketchUp, the design should only be 1", 1", 1" when you first start to make it easier.

Step 2: Uploading the SketchUp File to MillWizard

Now you can convert the Sketch Up file to .stl file, so MillWizard can read the file and transfer it into G-Code, the code that the CNC Mill reads. Then you select the entire model and go to the tool bar and click "Plugins" then click "Export to STl". This will convert your model to an .stl file. Next you upload the .stl file to the Mill wizard. Select the file and use these demensions.

Type: End Mill

Diameter: 2.5

Cutting Length: 20

Stepover %: 50 (The lower it is the more presice).

Spindle Speed: 300

Feed Rate: 1000 for foam, 500 for wax.

Plunge Rate: the same as Feed Rate.

Raster in X and in Y

Safe Z height: 5

Press Calculate. And then Simulate if you want.

On the next page select Gcode inch [*.tap]

Then save the finishing.



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    Thanks alot for this instructable. I have been looking for a easy cnc mill program and I am allready good at sketchup. I have found other programs too hard or expensive. Thanks alot.

    you should either make a link on how to make the mill, or make your own instructable on it, if you haven't already. cool ible.

    6 replies

    Yeah - i really want to know how to make a low runout cnc spindle hint hint anyone :P

    I have a tried and proven print for a precision cutting spindle I made for an engraving reducing machine. (the machine used at the US Mint for engraving master hubs of the coins we use). The most expensive part of the spindle of course is the precision bearings, If I recall, they cost me around $85.00, the rest is machine work that I did myself on a lathe. If you would like it, give me an address to send it to.

    reggy... I am interested...please send the info on the precision cutting spindle...
    snail mail: 527 Melbourne Ct, Charlotte, NC 28209...


    I would also LOVE to see this. I am currently building a CNC as we speak.

    How much for a ready built one? I'd love to build one myself but I'm just not that good

    i would like it very much lol. address: thankyou very much reggy

    hey this is cool i might do this

    It worked for me in sketchup 8

    don't you just love php links with the wrong (out of date) id

    Or after you have a .stl file, you can tinker with ReplicatorG / Skeinforge. Cheap machine management included!

    Is this the free download version of Google Sketchup?

     when i  clicked on the link, it downloaded a .tmp file? I'm totally confused. is that what is supposed happen?

    Big deal if you put the G-Code for free. Who wants to cut a smiley face. People want to know how to adapt for their own designs not cut stupid smiley faces all day. Nice tutorial but the G code for the smiley face is stupid.

    Thank you very much, nice tutorial ! 

    can provide gcode file for free if u guys leave your email address