How to Use a Green Screen on IMovie


Introduction: How to Use a Green Screen on IMovie

In order to get a green screen just buy green poster boards, and some rolls of green tape, then tape the posters boards together and hang them on a wall.

Step 1:

First open iMovie

Step 2:

Get a image you want for the background.

Step 3:

Take a video of whatever you like in front of the green screen

Step 4:

Put the image that will be the background first then put the video in

Step 5:

Drag the video on top of the image for the background

Step 6:

Click the drop down that says cutaway and click green/blue screen.

Step 7:

Play and enjoy!



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    6 Discussions

    I have something different with my android, would this still work for a different editing app.

    Wonderful tutorial that really works! We also used the clean up (eraser icon) to remove more of the green screen.

    Where is the drop down that says cutaway????

    Many thanks for that easy to follow explanation. Gave it a quick test today, worked a treat.