How to Use a Kirby Vacuum





Introduction: How to Use a Kirby Vacuum

In this video I show you how to use a G-series Kirby Vacuum with a TEK drive (Self propelled).The TEK drive is not a constant drive, it only moved when you apply pressure forward or backward, its super convenient.  Now Kirbys are different then other vacuums. They are made out of all metal and steel, very little if any plastic so they are heavy but super durable. They can have every attachment that you can imagine, Example being a back massager... Yea a Back massager! The best part of it is that It has more suction than any other highend vacuum. So this film shows basic Kirby usage with a little humor attached. Theres lots than can be said but the video speaks for itself. Enjoy.



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    Do you have a job which involves selling Kirby vacuum-cleaners, or just an unnatural obsession?


    2 replies

    I did years ago, and it sucked. I did this video because a lot of people who saw this vacuum in person didn't know it did all that. It was more or less just something fun to do!

    I knew there was a reason that you knew these so well.
    For my interest; what did you find better than selling these things and why (did it suck)?